Pregnant Woman Fired Because Boss Said Unborn Child Carried ‘Negative Energy’

Pregnant Woman Fired Because Boss Said Unborn Child Carried ‘Negative Energy’

OMAHA, Neb. - A woman was fired last year by an Omaha homebuilder because the company's CEO believed her unborn child carried "negative energy," according to a federal lawsuit.

Jammie Harms, 34, of Lincoln, says in her lawsuit against Hearthstone Homes that she suffered religious, gender and pregnancy discrimination that led to her dismissal last June. She had been chief executive officer John Smith's executive assistant since April 2008.

Harms said her work environment turned hostile after she announced in March 2009 that she was pregnant, according to the lawsuit filed June 14.

Harms' filing says Smith and other Hearthstone executives practice "intuitive spirituality" and incorporate their beliefs about reincarnation and energy fields in their business decisions. Smith set up phone consultations with both a psychic and a self-described energy worker because of Harms' "'disconnect' with her fetus," the filing says.

"Smith explained to the psychic that the plaintiff, since becoming pregnant, had cut her hair shorter, gained 15 to 20 pounds, and then asked the psychic whether or not she had 'energy' about his assistant, and whether or not negative energy was being created with the pregnant plaintiff because she had a male boss versus a female boss," the lawsuit says. [...]

I don't know about you folks, but I breathe a sigh of relief whenever I read about nuttery that is not from any of the big crazy faiths. All builds my thesis that stupidity is the greatest evil and religion is just a symptom.

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Negative energy my ass. He just wanted to save money.

I don't know though, there must be negative energy if a woman gains weight when pregnant! There's just no other explanation!
This boss is giving ME negative energy.
I'm partly convinced the crazy bugger's just channeling his subconscious here - she gained weight, cut her hair...some excuse for a rational brain cell turning 'She's not as attractive' into 'Bad auras onoes!!1!'

Thankfully, 'partly convinced' isn't what we're all about.
Most of the time it is just someone else's projection. They can't admit they just don't like a person, so they come up with something about them being an energy vampire or having a black aura.
I got fired from a very New Agey company for having an emergency hysterectomy. They didn't quite say my uterus removal was 'bad energy' but they might as well have.

Evil morons.


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