Painted Beaver Statue Causes Stir In Bemidji

BEMIDJI, Minn. (AP) ― The city manager's decision to remove one of nine beaver statues placed throughout Bemidji because of complaints it looked pornographic sparked a holiday weekend fight with the artist who created it.

Bemidji city manager John Chattin said he decided Thursday to remove the statue after receiving about 20 complaints.

That decision angered artist Deborah Davis — who said she didn't intend to offend or titillate — and from some community members and fellow artists who expressed their outrage on Facebook and the Web site of the Bemidji Pioneer. [...]

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It appears the prudes may have struck again: Gaea the vaginal beaver has been defaced. Someone has painted a vertical black stripe on the sculpture, one of 10 beaver sculptures on display throughout Bemidji.
Boil it down, the vandals are SCARED ... sadly, of their own humanity, represented for all to see. They've been so indoctrinated that their own bodies are evil and must remain hidden that they can't bear the idea of someone publicly saying, "This is what it is - what's to be afraid of?"
Personal opinion (which probably is not worth much) but like stephenb, I think it's ugly as a pile of goat shit. And if, after an evening of drunken debauchery, I woke up next to something that looked like the front of that sculpture, I'd make a beeline to nearest detox center. (Then again, there are probably a few ladies out there who had the same reaction seeing me first thing in the morning). Nevetheless, like it or not, it's someone's version of art. If you like it, great. If not, don't look at it. But for shits sake, leave the damn thing alone. It's not like it's going to end up in the Museum of Modern Art next to a masterpiece. It's a beaver with a beaver. So what!!!
I thought it looked more like a Georgia O'Keefe painting.
The front is definitely more O'Keefeian than the other sides.
Oh that is just levels of amazing I can't begin to comprehend.


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