Overloading God’s Servers

On Sunday, November 8, atheists will launch a coordinated prayer attack against God. Nonbelievers around the world will hurl a bevy of meaningless prayers at God, coordinated by Facebook, in an effort to inundate God’s prayer receptors and force them offline. The offensive is based on the DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks that have been staged against Iran, Georgia, and the Global Atheist Convention website.

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What is the point of this?
Satire, and to show xtians how silly they are.
Of course the premise is ironic, but I think this is just one of many campaigns to voice that we are here. I'm not involved in any way and of course won't be praying because as an atheist, I believe the efficacy of such an act is null.

It's an out and awareness campaign, that's all.
I have to say, on this one the atheists look like idiots. There are no gods, and by playing up this stunt it makes it look like:

1) they are comparing themselves and their website to a deity
2) they actually believe in a god

Neither look good, and play right into the hands of idiot theists that won't get it.
To me, it just seems like a silly joke. The fundies don't get anything, so that's nothing new.
I think it is just a joke too...but I can see the spin on this one and don't think the joke is worth it. Just my opinion though.
Well, perhaps not. As masterpieces of humor and satire go, this will probably not make it into the history books. :)
I agree with Stephan
What the experiment illustrates to me:

- When we overload 'god' with requests, nothing happens.

- When we overload DNS servers with requests, they can bottleneck and crash.

- Theists can argue this shows the omnipotence of god; he can handle infinite requests.

- But add in that Denomination A's prayers are no more or less effective than Denomination B's, or someone not praying at all.

- Therefore, either god doesn't care/isn't responding to prayer, or doesn't exist.

- Conclusion: DNS servers are better than god because they at least give a verifiable response to each request.


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