Nancy Elliott, New Hampshire State Rep, Speaks on Anal Sex

"We're talking about taking the penis of a man and putting it in the rectum of another man and wriggling it around in excrement. And you have to think, would I want that to be done to me?"
Elliott complains that in the wake of the marriage bill, public schools in Nashua are "showing presentations of anal sex... They are showing our fifth graders how they can actually perform this kind of sex... that is the context of the lesson, that 'This is something that you, as a fifth grader, you may want to try.'" [continued]

Nancy thinks she's cute when she's stupid. Yes, she's a Republican. Why do you ask ?

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And God/dess bless you Nerd, for posting this photo and making my day.
The way she said excrement really sounded like excitement too. /says the mostly heterosexual
So, she doesn't want to have anal sex so, nobody else should? I love people who think they are the center of the universe.
This goes without saying, but why do I think she is full of excrement for saying they are teaching 5th graders how to have anal sex? Do they teach how to have vaginal sex in the fifth grade as well because heterosexual marriage is legal?

What terrifies me is that there are people that believe that allowing gays to marry somehow effects how we teach sex ed...non sequitor anyone?
Im a little baffled. I don't remember much of what happened to me way back then - but we were all 5th graders once. I do sort of remember other 5th graders telling me about how people "did it". And they didn't just talk about the man putting his thingy into the woman's thingy place. It was all sorts of sexual stuff. All versions, no matter who put what, where, sounded pretty gross to me at the time.

I'm sure that 5th graders now are much more sheltered than I was, in my little midwestern town with its rampant Baptists and, it is rumored, Catholics. Back before the internet, before videos, before cable, before, in that town, an interstate highway or more than 2 TV and 3 radio stations.

Maybe New Hampshire doesn't have any of those. Or maybe everyone is home schooled.

Anything else, and anyone who assumes that many, most, a lot of, 5th grader's don't already know about sex, including same sex sex, is maybe kinda sorta being phoney about their rightous indignation.
I learned in 6th grade. Something along the lines of someone talking to my friend saying "I just found out how gay people have sex. Up the butt!" Are they actually teaching it in 5th grade? If so, that's probably the extent of it. People could figure it out for themselves.

Well, she proves once again that the main reason people are against gays is because "eww, they put it in the ass!"
I especially like how she assumes knowing how to have anal sex will lead to such activities. Well, if that how it works for her, she can enjoy her bum play. Personally, knowing how something works doesn't necessarily make me want to do it. Then again, I'm not a closeted bigot.
True. In home ec I learned to sew but you don't see me doing that in my spare time.

Even if they do try it--at least they won't get pregnant!
I especially like how she assumes knowing how to have anal sex will lead to such activities.

Confirmed. I know how to vote Republican. Yet never had much desire to do it.


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