Sorry, this really isn't news, but I just had to share this and wasn't sure where else to post it where it would reach a lot of people. This guy is good for a laugh. If you're in a hurry, advance to 3:00 and listen to the last half.

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Details, details...
Well they could read holy Jewish texts. But if I'm not mistaken he told them to worship, not read a holy text.
The Bible had not even been consolidated in to an agreed upon text at the time of Jesus. Paul cites scripture that isn't found in the Old Testament. Even today, the Catholics, Protestant, and Orthodox sects don't agree with each other on the Bible, and the Old Testament of none of these religions agree with the Jewish Bible.
I wonder if he goes in for the same medical treatments that his ancestors believed in. He looks like he could use a little bleeding. And when his heart begins to fail him, don't call for a surgeon trained in all that new science. Let the barber fix him up. Or maybe just read to him from that never changing Bible.

I've always said the Bible would be a bool or great literary, historical, and cultural value if people just didn't believe it to be true.

Anti-science morons should shut up - unless they live in a cave, walk instead of drive, and grow and hunt their own food (with sticks)
But, no, this anti-science guy has to use a video camera to film himself while using a microphone under artificial lighting and then post it to the internet. *facepalm*
And I am sure his suit is made of all-natural fibers.
And according to the Bible, each garment must be made from a single type of fiber, so wool and cotton undershirts are out.
"...I carry a King James Bible on purpose...I believe because of fact, because of a long study, I haven't always carried a King James Bible, but after a long, detailed study, 17 weeks in college, but even before that from my own personal study and conviction that the King James Bible is THE Bible for the English-speaking people. It keeps the blood in, it keeps Mary a virgin, it keeps Jesus as God the Son, it keeps it risen, it keeps us forgiven and going to heaven."

Wow. So, he found out that the other Bibles weren't as fantastically ridiculous as the KJV and decided that constituted study. And what college course or anything is 17 weeks? Sounds like he dropped out to me.

"Some of the Bibles confuse who Jesus and Satan are..."

What the hell is this guy smoking?

Science is wasting money just to waste money? Right. That explains medicine and technology then. People like this need to be stopped. I don't know how without trampling people's rights, but he needs to be stopped.
I agree Stephen. He's smoking something. What this guy says is so wrong that it verges on the criminal.
Yes, and I'm sure the guy at the Honda dealership would say, "Stop wasting time with that Chevy and buy a Honda." And the guy at the Audi dealership would say, "Stop wasting your time with your time with your Ford, and buy an Audi."

Everyone is trying to sell something, some just go about it in different ways. At least a car salesman sells you a visible product.


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