Israel jails Arab for 'deceit rape'

An Arab living in Israel has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for having consensual sex with an Israeli woman who apparently believed he was Jewish.

Sabbar Kashur was sentenced on Monday after being convicted of "rape by deception".

According to the court, Kashur met a Jewish woman in Jerusalem in 2008 and introduced himself as a single Jew looking for a serious relationship. The two had sex in a nearby building.

The woman filed a criminal complaint after learning Kashur was Arab, not Jewish.

Prosecutors acknowledged that the sex was consensual, but accused him of misrepresenting himself.

The court agreed, sentencing Kashur despite acknowledging that his case was not "a classical rape by force".

"If she hadn’t thought the accused was a Jewish bachelor interested in a serious romantic relationship, she would not have co-operated," the judges said in their ruling.

"The court must protect the public interest against sophisticated criminals with a smooth tongue and sweet talking, who can lead astray innocent victims." [...]

Bonus fembot gibberish and snake dance defining "consent" -

Riveting stuff. She probably believes her own crap too. Most "date rape" has got to be the modern day equivalent of the frail woman fainting in Victorian melodramas. More power to you sisters.

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This whole principle here seems like a really bad idea to me - did my ex-girlfriend rape me because she cheated on me, and I wouldn't have done anything with her if I'd known the truth? Not to mention the racism involved in this particular case.
It's the same as the man who claimed he was a new age guru and his penis had magic powers. Women sued him for rape. (Still have a link to that, Felch?) I doubt you'd say it was racism if it was some country other than Israel, but actually Arabs and Israelis interact peacefully more than is mentioned in the news.

It is deceit, but deceit is not rape. If it was a business dealing it would be fraud. They could make it a crime to lie in relationships (it is for certain things like HIV status, I think) but I don't know if they should make "being an asshole" a crime.
(Still have a link to that, Felch?)

=> .
Yes, both Arabs and Jews are Semitic.
Kinda makes you wish that she was actually tape just so she can tell the difference. The only thing the guy is guilty of is trying to get in in that girls pants. People make mistakes all the time. Unfortunately, people want to be blameless. Nothing is their fault, it had to be the other person.
Took a very informal poll while in criminal court this morning after listening to the video. (I'm a defense attorney - former prosecutor, and yes, I've heard all the jokes). I did not mention Israeli/Arab, Jewish/Muslim, or that it happened in Israel. All I said is that it was based on lying about one's religion. Every attorney (defense and prosecutor) along with the judges, and law enforcement officers, all looked at me in astonishment and said this was so far beyond the pale, I just had to be bullshitting them and making this up. When they saw the article and video, their collective jaws dropped. Pure, ignorant, religious bigotry at its finest, in complete contradiction to accepted principles of western civilization's idea of justice.

As an aside, after watching the video, I will say one thing about the woman in it. If this is how she comes across socially, she is in absolutely no danger of that which happened to the "victim" - getting laid.
....and a paper bag over the head. I'll go one better. To paraphrase Rodney Dangerfield, use two bags. One for your head in case the one on hers breaks.
What the hell are you guys talking about? She's cute. Total whackball extremist, but cute. Ear plugs might be more appropriate.

And why do some guys immediately start attacking a woman's appearance, when it has nothing to do with the subject?
I was responding to Jean's comment (who I might add is a female), in what I thought was a humorous way, regarding a paper bag. My initial comment (I'm a male) had nothing to do with her looks. Rather, her social skills, which you are in somewhat apparent agreement with, considering the statement about "ear plugs." With respect to the "Total whackball extremist" observation, however, we're in 100% agreement.
Ah, yeah, I can see that interpretation of what you said about her.

So, we can blame Jean, then? :-D
Guys lie all the time to get in a girl's pants, though I must say the religious twist on this is a new one on me.
Muslims are always circumcised.


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