Nothing to add to this. Listen and weep.

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Yes, she is good. The question is - will the top job corrupt the integrity? It usually does. One can only hope otherwise.
Followup story and poll.

No one really care whether she is atheist or not. Cooments were almost exlusively positive, until they were suddenly closed at at CoB today. I suspect that's how long it took the xtian lobby attack dogs to organise their comment bombing.
Frankly, I'm astonished at the maturity (for the large part) and positivity of the response to Ms. Gillard's election, especially by comparison with that of the vandalism of the "One Nation, Indivisible" billboard next to the Billy Graham freeway.

Too often lately I am downright embarrassed to be an American....
To be fair, Christian billboards have also been vandalized too. (I don't know if they were by atheists, or just juvenile delinquents)
I have nothing to add to this story. That's what's so awesome. It's been a week, and beyond the initial story, there hasn't been a peep. Her atheism is simply irrelevant to the general public. Brilliant.
Brilliant indeed!

Here in the US, I can not even begin to fathom the bile that would spew forth if our next president were an Atheist female.
I saw an interview with her when she first took office. I was rather impressed, still am. Maybe she can help loosen some of the restraints Australia has been putting on media over the last few years.


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