Nothing to add to this. Listen and weep.

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In a word, FANTASTIC! Good to know there is someone in a governmental position who doesn't participate in religion or bring it to the office with them, yet is mature enough to respect those who do!

I will be very interested in seeing what kind of support she gets from the general population and the reaction from Australia's religious community. Meantime, BRAVA, Ms. Gillard!
Wonder if it may give a little backbone to other politicians that pay lip service to theism.
Not holding my breath.
She said, "I'm a great respecter of religious belief." If anyone on A/N said that, he would be soundly whipped with a wet noodle.
It's called "politics". How many of your politicians have had enough backbone to say the rest of what she said?
a wet noodle? Oh noooooo!

It depends on what they mean by respecting religious belief. Respecting one's right to have a silly belief is not the same as respecting the silly belief.
We sure need more like her.
Australia is the oddest country...

(And yes, that was 100% necessary to post)
Would that more countries were so odd....
My friends from Aussie make is sound strange and quite violent... Otherwise, it sounds a great place to live. Except the heat. And baby-snatching dingos.
Strange yes. Violent ? If it keeps the tourists away, then yes. The jellyfish that kill you and tree dwelling funnelwebs are the best parts.
Thanks for posting! Just made my world a little bit brighter.
We need many many more!
She spoke with a strong voice, confident and proud of her decision; a real refreshing statement made without apology, and not seeking approval. Her statement of respect for other people's position felt sincere.


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