Shocked security guard living in fear after having sex with ghost
HE struck a match stick to murmur sweet nothings to his sweetheart but got a shock of his life.

The minute the room was illuminated, his date disappeared into thin air and not through the door or the window.

THE security guard, Tirafalo Mokopi, 21, of Matsiloje village is convinced that the woman was a ghost and says: “We were just chatting after having sex and when I lit a match, she was nowhere to be found.”

Traumatized, Mokopi who picked the strange woman last Monday near the BZ cemetery, was shocked when he found himself alone in bed after his new lover unceremoniously disappeared from the house. [...]

Uhuh. Where's your wallet pal?

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Must of been a modern day succubus, with a cell phone and all...
Worst excuse for getting caught spanking the monkey ever!
A horny young fellow from Prost
Once made passionate love to a ghost
Upon his orgasm
The pure ectoplasm
Said, "I could feel it ... almost!"

Sorry - couldn't resist!
... or as the rest of the planet calls it - giving yourself a "stranger"
I'm sorry to say that I know what that means.
Ghost? Oh, I thought he said "goat."
Goat wouldn't have broken the news barrier.
She tiptoed away silently after the worst lay of her life.


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