THIS painting, depicting the Virgin Mary with a baby Hitler in her arms, has been condemned by religious leaders in Italy.

The painting by Giuseppe Veneziano was due go on show this month.

But the work of art has been blasted by the local priest, who has called for the event to be cancelled.

Father Stefano D'Atri told the Austrian Times: "That painting offends us as faithful and as people who lived during the terrible period of Nazism. We don't hide behind art."

Mayor Lombardi said: "I take full responsibility for this problem. I'd never seen it before I approved it otherwise I would have chose another painter for this exhibition slot."

But painter Veneziano added: "If art cannot provoke, what can it do?"

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plus, she is touching Hitler inappropriately.
Li'l Hitler is cute.
Goddamn Nazi sex midgets. Getting sick of 'em.
Oooo's a widdle ethnic cleanser? Ess oo are! Ess oo are!
Why did my brain go right to a new line of household cleaning products?
The truth hurts.
But painter Veneziano added: "If art cannot provoke, what can it do?"

Skurry: The pope was a Nazi... just sayin'.

Yes, let's plug that old washing machine and jam it on the spin cycle.
How was he a Nazi exactly? Because he was forced to be in the Hitler Youth?
I am so sick of this fucking hogwash. This is probably the best example anyone could ever come up with of pure confirmation bias. It's what you want to hear, and because circumstance is favourable, you will keep on repeating it ad nauseam. If ratboy is guilty of anything, it is of the crime of expediency. Joining Hitler Youth was what everyone did at that time. If he was born in the Soviet bloc, he would have joined the Young Communists, and if he was born in England, he would have been a Boy Scout. So what? You are essentially implying that a child was fully capable of understanding Nazism and embracing it. What fucking deranged nonsense.

It's a broken record and you're dumb enough to put it back on the turntable.
If you want to repeat unsubstantiated hogwash because it suits your emotional needs, that's your problem. What's worse is that it's nonsense that keeps getting recycled, shot down and then recycled again. There is no diplomatic immunity here for nonsense which fits an agenda - wanting something you like to be "fact" does not automatically confer "fact" status to it. I expect more than hearsay, gossip and rumour, and I think most other folks here do too.
And if you are still confused as to why this is more than just a bit annoying, and to be honest, a disgrace to atheists who spend all this time bragging about being more intelligent than theists, type this into google -

was pope benedict a nazi

and look at the first link -


It's not hard, really. But rather than actually do such a simple fact verification, you'll just post this nonsense as though it is immutable proof carved in granite.


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