The Examiner seems like it wants to flush itself down the toilet like HuffPo.

Hitler: Unmistakably killer backed by evolution

Calvinism ExaminerJames Hale

There are atheists who would like to deny that Hitler was an evolutionist. One can understand this when one considers the horrifying record Hitler had in the genocide of masses of people. In the past, both Christians and leading atheists are in agreement regarding this fact of Nazi and evolutionist marriage.

Nice double insult to start - atheists like living in denial and evolutionists are like Hitler. Bam, bam. It's a downhill slide from there. Note the selection of accompanying image. He continues -

Today, some wish to deny this truth. Many are rather puzzled by those that deny this marriage when it is clearly true. For years writers have said that Nazi ideology used science for their crimes.  Best selling atheist writer Richard Dawkins does not run from this truth. Dawkins is an atheist darling of sorts that is quoted by many atheists today.

Dawkins said -

    “What’s to prevent us from saying Hitler wasn’t right? I,mean, that is a genuinely difficult question.”   (by Faith,  December 2007)

While this may be shocking to hear to not only in the Jewish community, but Christians also, who unlike Dawkins, have no trouble in identifying evil in Hitler, it is something top evolutionists say with no shame.

Oh bravo, he's convinced me. We're all Nazis. What follows is a deranged hotch-potch of selective quotations from Stephen Gould, Mengele's biographers and Mein Kampf.and not a single shred of substantiative followup.

Does the Examiner ever have editorial standards ? If they do, where are they? How can this type of mindless propaganda - because it is raw, mindless propaganda - be allowed to see the light of day on what claims to be a credible content provider ?

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I do love how some religious apologists like to paint Hitler - a Creationist Christian - as an evil atheist warped by eviler yet evolution. How should we ever attempt to take them seriously on anything with bold-face lies like this?
Ask Howard about the Examiner's guidelines. He writes for them.
I posted here hoping he would comment.
Does the Examiner ever have editorial standards?

It seems to have the standard anyone with a platform and freedom of speech standard.

I ranted earlier tonight to someone on the decline of modern journalism and how the Blogosphere isn't much better.

There are actual facts and reporting to be found out there sadly they are downed in sea of stupidity and uniform or mis-informed opinion. If there was ever a case for unintelligent design, it is that it takes less energy to say sometime stupid then it does to actually say something constructive.
So if Hitler also enjoyed chocolate, does that make chocolate Atheistic and evil as well?
I bet he wore underwear as well.
This is the very reason I reject all the boxer and brief ideologies, I support the freedom to swing freely (for those who can).
What amazes me is that people still take publications like the Examiner as real news..


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