More of the same, in Barney Frank's district (!). Freedom means empowering the stupid.

Hitler mustaches offend Newton residents

Newton — Voters have been both disturbed and offended by the campaign tactics of candidate for Congress Rachel Brown, but she said she is simply telling the public the truth.

Workers for the Brown campaign for the 4th Congressional District seat currently held by Barney Frank, D-Newton, have been seen throughout Newton and Brookline with images of President Barack Obama doctored to give him an Adolf Hitler-style mustache.
Brown said each proposal made since Obama took office “has not looked out for the interest of the population,” but the interest of the international financial system, and the photos are a representation of the truth.

“Obama’s health-care policy is modeled after what Hitler did in 1939,” she said. “That’s the same policy Obama is now forcing on the U.S. against the will of Congress. It’s a policy that is going to result in millions of deaths. Sometimes you have to tell the truth and sometimes people don’t like it, but that doesn’t mean you don’t do it.”

Brown further stated that being a leader means telling the truth and educating the public about the consequences of certain policies. To her, this means preventing a repeat of the gruesome events that took place during Hitler’s regime. [...]

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You been under a rock?

Seeing as it is Barney Frank's turf, here's this. It never gets old -

Extended version.
You know, it can't be JUST Faux News causing this kind of rampant idiocy. Where is all this Obama is Hitler crap coming from? Is there some Superior Race stuff in the bills I keep missing?
Stephan: Where is all this Obama is Hitler crap coming from?

It comes from a culture that hates learning and intellectuals. It comes from a culture that thinks in binary, black and white where a middle ground is for losers and the weak. It comes from a belief in the covenant of American exceptionalism where scapegoating and vengeance are not only virtues, but a sacred duty. How else can something like abortion become such a nightmare wedge issue? "You're either for us or against us." "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" etc. Extremist idiocy is as natural as breathing - you are not allowed to merely disagree with Obama. You must paint him as Satan himself. This is the real reason Europe is so hated - they are pussies that yield to middle grounds.

It comes from a culture that hates learning and intellectuals.

Which is more of a characteristic of fascist ideologies than giving everyone health care.
Of course Obama's a nazi! Can't you tell by how Aryan he is?
Oh ... so he's wearing black-face and contacts! NO WONDER I didn't see it!

[cough-choke ... GUFFAW, GUFFAW!]
The thing is that to these "people," Hitler isn't some historical figure. He is a caricature, a modern day Satan, and the caricature has nothing to do with the historical Hitler. They may as well be drawing horns and a goatee on him.

The problem is that this allows them to ignore anyone who acts like Hitler really did historically--invading countries, scapegoating a religion, fostering ideas like national exceptionalism, attaching derogatory terms like "illegal" to an entire ethnic group as a matter of course, advocating pseudo-scientific theories to advance a political agenda, etc., etc.
The "everyone I don't like is hitler" thing is getting so fucking old and I'm sure these people don't know the first thing about it either, and maybe they would have followed Hitler back in the day. The demonization of certain groups of people is pretty similar. And overnazification is not unique to conservatives either. I kind of want to round up everyone who goes around calling people Hitler and Nazis unwarranted and put them in concentration camps, then they can see how similar Obama (or whoever else they don't like) is to Nazis.

(I'm probably going to get shit for that. Obviously I'm not serious. And what the hell, I already got called a Nazi by some idiot who was definitely operating under "everyone I dont' like is a nazi", so whatever.)
That's precisely what I mean by caricature. They simply think that Hitler is synonymous with evil.
Seeing Barney even got 66% of the vote in 1990 after his gay-lover-sex scandal (and wider margins ever since), I bet against this wingnut, he'll probably top 90% this November. Although stupidity is found everywhere, this isn't Kansas Toto.

On a side note, at the July 4th parade this year here in Plymouth, MA, the local tea party batshits had a float. Literally two people clapped in a crowd of hundreds and there were even some boos. It was priceless.
Sooooo close to the Zen moment of one hand clapping ..... Maybe next year ....


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