Bare breasts vs. neighbour's ATV

TORONTO - Marika De Florio is using bare breasts to win a feud with her neighbours.

The 56-year-old says she is sick and tired of her neighbours' five-year-old grandson driving a loud all-terrain vehicle for hours on her quiet street in Seeley's Bay, near Kingston. So she found a solution under her shirt.

De Florio has discovered that if she goes out topless, the boy's horrified grandparents rush the child into the house. [...]

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I added "pool balls in a sock" just for you Grundgie.
i noticed as well..... the day it went up.
i have a strong attention to detail, which is obviously getting me in trouble here. i'm getting the feeling i'm not supposed to pay attention to actual words written, just make wild guesses at what people are saying, as long as i don't call anyone on anything. pretty confusing.... my social skills are obviously not up to par to fit in here.
The familiar "I do care, but I can't let you know I care so I'm telling you I don't care" snake dance of trying to exit gracefully out of a blind alley whilst maintaining the illusion of no points being conceded.

boy, you're tiring. what i'm saying is that i don't care what you think of me, or if you agree with my opinions. what i DO CARE about is being misunderstood. the only reason i keep replying is to clarify myself b/c you consistently jump to inaccurate conclusions, make wrong assumptions, and then harshly judge me on those. can you accept that? do you understand?? yikes, this is getting ridiculous :P
Oh. Please accept my apologies for making you make a fool of yourself then. It is entirely my fault. Behold the awesomeness of the Patriarchal Conspiracy™.

Here's a curly one - maybe the reason you think I consider you with contempt is because, deep down, you know you deserve it. I don't need to say it or think it myself (I haven't and I don't, but I'm sure you will keep trying to change my mind). It's the sort of thing that comes into existance all by itself to idealogues of any kind. You're so used to being surrounded by people that don't know how to do anything except agree with each other, then it must be a rude shock when you run into people that don't, and it gets amplified by an order of magnitude if they are unapologetic about it.

I think -isms of any kind necessitate a person shaving of a few dozen IQ points in order to avoid cognitive dissonance implosions when dealing with even the simplest of things in day to day life. The fem-bot variety is particularly frustrating. The first phase action for any conundrum is to try and work out exactly how you can be offended and then react like an animal does to fire. It's almost like islam. Then there's the process of constructing elaborate cages of alleged oppression, locking yourself inside them and then blaming it all on whoever slighted your feelings. It is the stuff of pitch black John Waters' comedy. Awesome.

Unfortunately for you, there is nothing in the site rules here that says I have to take you seriously. I stopped doing that in situations like this some time last century. I also used to be perplexed by the number of strong and independent women I have met over time that, without any real kind of prompting, insist on pointing out that they aren't feminists and express a deep distaste at the idea. This too has been demystified over time by bumping into way too many people like you. I now have deep sympathy for women that actually have grabbed their space of equality and live it on their own terms and how they shudder when they read stuff like yours. You are your own worst enemy and you have no hope of escaping it.
Ah, the predictable felch over reacts yet again, as he has since the original post in the last thread. Blah, blah, blah, pal..... whatever floats your boat. I'm all done trying to clarify myself. You haven't listened all along, and since you aren't going to take me seriously (ie, listen), this is a total waste of everybody's time. Go ahead, think what you want... continue flattering yourself with your smug pride, vainly strutting about in your delusional self-satisfaction of having me pegged. You don't have a fucking clue. I don't give a rat's ass what you (wrongly) think... you've thoroughly discredited yourself by your ignorant assumptions. and your fool's regalia of presumptuous arrogance and misguided bitterness is most unbecoming.
If you don't care what people think about you then why would ypu care that you are being misunderstood?
FACT 6) Some people hate emoticons.... but not me.... :^)

By the way, I don't see emoticons (smileys) as different from tag-like slang (/rant, /sarcasm, etc.), embedded pics or animated gifs, CAP SHOUTING, abuse of emphasis, *grins*, [smiles] and similar embellishments: all have the same purpose. And I find it quite funny when emoticophobes use one of these other forms of emoticommunication.

Almost forgot => :P
Only [grin]ing. With the /silent switch on. I swear.


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