Note: Please notice the line I have marked in bold below. Why on earth would someone believe this shooting was as skit? I mean, is this typical? Does this church routinely hold violent skits during service? What kind of church is this that the first thing that would come to someone's mind during a violent shooting is that it was a skit?

Does this reflect a culture that has spent too much time in front of the TV, and can no longer quickly distinguish between reality and fiction? Or are xtians just that stupid?

It will be curiouis to learn what this shooting was about. I'm placing my money on a sex scandal. The pastor was probably screwing this guy's wife -- or perhaps his daughter. We shall see.

Gunman stuns US churchgoers, kills pastor

CHICAGO, (AFP) – A gunman stunned parishioners at a midwestern US church when he strolled into a service and opened fire, spraying the pastor's Bible with bullets before shooting him dead at point-blank range.

The shooter, who has not been identified, walked down the center aisle of First Baptist Church in Maryville, Illinois at about 8:15 am (1315 GMT), exchanged a few words with head pastor Fred Winters and then fired four shots with a .45 caliber handgun, officials said.

The first shot hit the pastor's bible and "exploded the top of the bible into what many in the congregation thought was confetti," said Larry Trent, director of the Illinois state police.

"In fact, some thought it was some type of skit or some type of program at the time, which is really not uncommon in these types of shootings."

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Yeah... I don't know why the first thing they jump to is, "This is all part of the show." Maybe they are just so used to being lied to every Sunday that they assume everything that happens in the church is a lie. All jokes aside, maybe it is quite simply people are, in general, unwilling to admit to themselves that this is really happening and what they meant was in all these types of shootings, regardless of setting, people tend to assume it's staged.
But why? Wouldn't our innate "fight or flight" instinct alert us to danger right away? Isn't that how we -- how all -- species survive? Ever notice how many ppl say that when something bad happens? I didn't think it was real at first!" Or they say "It was like watching a movie."
Keep in mind that throughout the course of most people's lives they are never put in anything remotely resembling a real crisis. They are completely unprepared for the situation, and have no clue how to react.

Having been in the Marines, this is exactly what we mean by "train like you will fight" and "sweat more in training, bleed less in battle." This stuff has to be ingrained in you by muscle memory, and you have to have been exposed to enough shocking events such that when a new one arises, you can get past the mental block and think clearly and ACT.

Most Marines do just fine when they get into combat, there's a bit of hesitancy, but once they realize this shit is for real they kick it into high gear. Imagine living in the wilderness without the comforts of civilization. I have 4 cats. Two of them I have rescued from outside. They are the two that are the most aggressive about food, the most aggressive in play, the most skittish and prone to flight or action, etc. The two that have only lived inside are chill and could care less...

What I find interesting about this situation is hearing on the TV that there were many people scared, crying, and praying on their knees. First, this man has come to take you to Jesus. Why so sad? Second, did praying help, or did two guys physically assaulting this man help? Case in point. But I know we'll continue to hear more tripe as the religious pour out of the church saying "God must have had a plan for taking him home," or some other garbage like that...what we should be seeing is the vast majority of those people having a major epiphany and throwing religion out the window.

Jesus, it looks like I ranted a little...
Keep in mind that throughout the course of most people's lives they are never put in anything remotely resembling a real crisis.

Dwight, this is so true. I think that this is what has made so many of us Americans a bunch of whiney, spoiled brats. We basically live in the lap of luxury compared to many people on earth, and we take a lot of what we have for granted (or act like we are entitled to it).

I always laugh at guys who walk around strutting their stuff like they are so tough. If put in a real situation where they had to fight for their survival -- in a world without AC, easy access to the Internet, or a Starbucks close by -- they'd crumble and break.

I'm somewhat interested in survivalism, primitivism, and regaining our masculinity and manhood (manhood = keeping your word, doing the right thing, not being selfish and petty).
I can definitely agree with that. I think there is something missing from the times that forged some of the greatest men in history; hardship, depravity, etc. Not that these types of people don't continue to emerge (I work with a retired Marine Colonel who flew fighter jets in Viet Nam, one tough old bird), but it is interesting to note that unless they seek it out most people will not be put in situations requiring extreme amounts of integrity and courage. As for the coming age, I think we will see a different type of "great person" emerge. One whose intellect is the unimaginable summation of all the knowledge, privilege (time and ability to study), and the access to both.

Along the survivalism route, I am completely on board with you there. Not to sound paranoid, but just prepared, have a quick glance at the demand for oil and the predicted supply of it. If we don't develop alternatives to confront the shortage, go ahead and think that the social fabric won't start to tear a little. We saw how all it took was one storm in New Orleans to promote widespread panic, lack of utilities, lack of food, theft, etc. Civilization is a precarious thing. Those enabled to survive, no matter what, will come out on top. There's nothing 'primitive' about the basics. Physics is built upon the basics, as with every other discipline. If you know the fundamentals, you can go upwards from there.
Well, I guess I chose the wrong word. I don't mean survivalism in the sense of someone stockpiling water and fuel for a coming end-of-world scenario. I mean it more in the sense that civilization has taken from us the abilities that we needed to survive, even just 200 years ago. How many of us know how to hunt, kill, farm, build a house, make our clothes, etc?
in addition to dwight's response to this, i think we all try to find the least shocking way to explain what we have witnessed. it is more likely that it is a skit than an actual shooting. people always think of something else in those situations unless they are trained or otherwise prepared.
I heard something about this on the radio, but stopped paying attention when I realized that the pastor who was killed was not Fred Phelps...
Hehe! If we could only be so lucky.


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