There's lots of furor about the "Ground Zero Mosque," but I think the project by evangelical Christians to create a 911 Ground Zero Christian Center is just as worrying.

The best thing may be to create a rival Flying Spaghetti Monster Soup Kitchen, where homeless people benefit from His Noodly Goodness.

You can find out more about the Christian Center here. Please do not listen to this while eating.

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An FSM spaghetti kitchen would be better still, no?
I'm thinking more of a pasta bar, a la Food Not Bombs, but I am certainly open to suggestions.
Pasta Not Planes!! (crashing into buildings, that is)
Pasta Not Planes!! (crashing into buildings, that is)

I encourage all atheists to visit these places and ask lots and lots and lots of questions.
From the postings of this group it appears to be less of a Xtian center and more of a "God hates Muslims" site - sort of a Westboro Baptist on steroids. Soon the entire former WTC site will be circumscribed with churches, mosques, temples, synagogues and snake handler's shacks.
Lower Manhattan, the New Jerusalem.
*Bourbon double*
Too bad they can't zone that land in such a way to make it that no religious buildings are allowed within, say 5000 miles.
From the "What do Muslims really believe?" link, over on the right side:

Mosques are popping up all over this country and some people are ignorantly flocking to Islam. We Americans can be so stupid--we will forsake Jesus and go halfway around the world just to try to find another way we can get to heaven--it will only assure us of hell. Meanwhile, we see the incessant immigration of Muslim and Catholics.

Ah, I see. Those kinds of assholes. The "the Pope is the anti-Christ" people ... because what your guys Falwell and Robertson say and spread is less evil ...

I also love the section under Sharia law. A christian speaking against Sharia law is one of the most blatant hypocrisies. Fundie Christians always like to talk about how our laws are based upon the Ten Commandments, and they keep trying to pass laws about shit in the Old Testament, Jewish law. Same damned thing.


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