For your guilty private tittering, prior to your public "oh how terrible" commentary -

Groom shot dead at wedding by uncle's stray celebratory bullet

Pankaj Kishore Karotia, 21, was just about to claim his new bride and take her from a wedding reception to her family home when his uncle drew his licensed handgun to fire a final shot in celebration. As he was loading it, it fired accidentally and hit his newly-wed nephew in the head.

The reception party was almost finished when the tragedy happened. His new bride was waiting for him in the car as he died. [...]

Personally, I am shocked, deeply shocked, that they appear to have been non-muslims.

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What exactly are we supposed to be tittering at? Sounds like an awful tragedy. What does their religion have to do with that?
OK, so you've had a titter-ectomy. The strange thing is that you probably laugh when stupidity leads to fatality if its presented by Hollywood.

And someone in the crowd yelled "FAIL!"
So, if you kill a nephew through stupidity and carelessness, is that at least a partial Darwin award?
If it's at a Bollywood wedding, where small arms fire is substituting for fireworks and everyone's tanked on illegal moonshine that has an equal chance of causing either blindness or renal failure, then yes. Otherwise it's manslaughter.
Otherwise it's manslaughter.\

Now, now, that's a false dichotomy! You can be both a Darwin award winner and guilty of manslaughter! You can't have manslaughter without laughter, after all =P
They say we'd be safer if we had guns, not that we'd be safer if we USED guns. =P
Great, one little mishap and now the indian anti-celebratory gunfire crowd is going to be up in arms for more stringent laws concerning firearm usage at weddings. Ain't no one telling me who can and can't shoot at my wedding! I gots me here a pocket constitution that says I have the right to bare arms, and that means I get to carry a gun to shoot during moments of excitement! Hell, typing this here comment got me so excited that I had to fire off a few rounds.
Personally, I am shocked, deeply shocked, that they appear to have been non-muslims.

Personally, I read the title of this post and came here thinking it would be about rednecks in Mississippi or something.

Enter the cries of: "That would never happen to me; I'm a responsible gun-owner and would never, ever allow a misfire like that to happen ... I'm not like other people ... I'm smart and responsible."

Funny, I'll bet the uncle would have said the exact same thing the day before this happened.


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