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God Helps with Personal Decisions, Most Americans Say

Most Americans believe God is involved in their everyday lives and concerned with their personal well-being, though the well-educated and higher earners are less likely than their counterparts to believe in such divine intervention, a new study suggests.

Scott Schieman, a sociology professor at the University of Toronto, examined data from two recent national surveys of Americans and their beliefs about God's involvement in their everyday lives.

The results, published in the March issue of the journal Sociology of Religion, suggest these beliefs differ across education and income levels. Past research has suggested other factors involved with our religious beliefs, with one study revealing teachers are more religious than other college grads, and another suggesting women are more likely than men to believe in God.

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This also underscores one of my biggest beefs with the religious.

God is involved in the personal lives of everyday, middle-class Americans. Ok, fine. So that tells us that either:

A) God is not powerful enough to be involved in bigger world crises like earthquakes and systemic class abuse. I.e.; God is nothing more than an invisible therapist.

B) God is that powerful and therefore just doesn't care or give a shit about those bigger world crises. "Hmmm, what could I choose to do today? Prevent a quarter million innocent people from dying in an Earthquake, or help Betsy win American Idol?"

Even more so, it says a lot about the individual doing the praying. "Hmm, I'm Christian, therefore one of God's Favorites(tm), therefore can ask him to do my bidding. Which would I rather God do today? Put an end to FGM, or ensure that cute little red purse at Macey's will still be on sale?"

Fucking people make me fucking ill.
I'm still trying to get an answer on what is the purpose of prayer on my facebook status. So far, it's not looking promising.
Yeah, I post serious questions on my FB page like that and ... dead silence.

(FB is under my real name. ;-)
That America is a loony bin is hardly breaking new.
You got me there, H.


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