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God Helps with Personal Decisions, Most Americans Say

Most Americans believe God is involved in their everyday lives and concerned with their personal well-being, though the well-educated and higher earners are less likely than their counterparts to believe in such divine intervention, a new study suggests.

Scott Schieman, a sociology professor at the University of Toronto, examined data from two recent national surveys of Americans and their beliefs about God's involvement in their everyday lives.

The results, published in the March issue of the journal Sociology of Religion, suggest these beliefs differ across education and income levels. Past research has suggested other factors involved with our religious beliefs, with one study revealing teachers are more religious than other college grads, and another suggesting women are more likely than men to believe in God.

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They needed studies to come to these conclusions?? Tell me something I don't know. :D
yup!!! that6s my rents!!!
but why are women more likley to belive?
You know that as is largely an emotional phenomenon.
You know that as is largely an emotional phenomenon. know, while I agree with that statement, I'm very emotional but I categorically reject anything supernatural.
How can people be such numbnuts?
This is surprising? Do you see how people vote, and treat their environments and plan for retirement? Religion spays/neuters the mind.
Suprising? No, not really. Continually disappointing? Yes!
Ooh, the Plague of Denial. I really like that phrase.
Religion spays/neuters the mind.

That totally needs to be a bumper sticker.
With a picture of Bob Barker next to it :P
This is so depressing!


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