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Glenn Beck is despicable -- Blames Atheists for Christians beating classmate

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Any one has more to post on this please do!

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That is not a Rail Road Tie
Just an FYI, it's "beating' not "beeting".
Wow, Glenn Beck is a monster. I lost count of the lies he told in that 7 minute segment of hatred. He doesn't even know the "nones" mostly believe in a god. He doesn't think it is odd that kids gathered for Bible study could be used to say atheists did this? What an ass.

This is hate speech, pure and to the point. Put a mustache on him and change atheist to Jew and you'd have a Nazi regime to be proud of! (Godwin's law can suck it, this is an appropriate response)
Thanks Stephan

I keep thinking almost the same thing (
Put a mustache on him and change atheist to Jew and you'd have a Nazi regime to be proud of! )
not just with Glenn Beck. Change any hate speech with different words and see how it sounds; try swapping Atheist, Jew, Christian, Black, Gay,... Once you do this you can quickly find yourself saying hey that sound like a hate speech even if it did not sound like one the first time.

Don't worry about Godwin's law; is stupid! Put Infinite number of monkeys in a room with keyboards and have them type and and eventually you will have the Bible.... I mean the Bible Code! ... No wait what is the difference? ...
Sometimes I love the Daily Kos.


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