The Scarlet Letter Returns - Fundies Force Child Rape Victim to Confess Her Sin

Do you wonder what the Fundamentalist Christians want? In the abstract it is easy enough to answer. They want to dominate us. Just read about the Seven Mountains Movement in their own words.

Yet, far more powerful is a real life story, one that forces us to bear witness to the atrocities they would visit upon us, if they could. And in the story of one 15 year old rape victim we can begin to get a taste for what they have in store for us, waiting to be released with a terrible vengeance on the people of America. They want dominion, over body and soul, dominion and power to punish anyone they can with a hatred that flows from the darkest recesses of their ugly little minds.

Here, read the story of Tina Anderson and tell me I am wrong, that the atrocity she was forced to endure is an anomaly and not part of the future that Dominionist Christians would wish to impose on us with their Biblical Law.

A 15-year-old rape victim was forced to stand terrified before her entire Baptist congregation in New Hampshire to confess her sin of having become pregnant.

What Tina Anderson wasn't allowed to tell the congregation was that she had become pregnant after she was raped by a church deacon, a man twice her age.

Are you surprised? I am not. Yet still reading the details of this confession she was required by her "faith community" to endure is horrifying and despite the fact I found her story believable, I still find it shocking that this is occurring now in our country, not in some theocratic dystopian future such as described in Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid''s Tale, but here and now, in America, and has been for some time.

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It's disgusting but not really surprising.  What I do find surprising, most of these women are still devoutly Christian after their abuse.  You can read more about these church's if you look at the IFB church survivors facebook page.  The abuse suffered boggles the mind.


It just goes to show how much theism twists the human mind!

The "confession" also shows the power they have over this girl. Giving a person a chance to speak means that they could say anything, such as "I was raped by this guy", but they know that they are totally in control of her so they get her to "confess" to the sin of being pregnant while "forgiving" the child-molester so that he can go on and molest some more girls.


I hope they throw the book at him and he can confess to the "sin" of getting ass-raped in prison.


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