Exclusive: “Pure” Pakistan’s Internet Perverts

Pakistan’s name means “Land of the Pure,” but some of its internet users appear to be decidedly “impure.” About four years ago, I was first introduced to Google Trends, a feature whereby Google monitors and publishes records of its internet searches. Any person can access this data. What had drawn my interest was a short article that appeared in the Pakistan Daily Times from May 17, 2006, which I reproduce here.

I began some research of my own. It was the nature of the pornography then being hunted within Muslim countries that was disturbing. Those searches showed then that Pakistan came top of the list of searches for a range of perverse interests.

Google Trends data has been gathered since 2004. A search of all data for those using Google to seek out “child sex” from the years 2004 until now places Pakistan far ahead of any other country. Narrowing down the parameters, a search specifically targeted for the current year (2010) again shows that Pakistan tops the list of countries where internet users have searched for the term “child sex”.

Google Trends can present data of searches carried out during every month and every year from April 2004 up until the present. Pakistan topped the list of Google’s internet searches for “child sex” in 2004, in 2005, in 2006, in 2007, in 2008, and in 2009.
The nature of the pornography that is sought in Pakistan is bizarre. The most disturbing aspect is that child sex is sought on the internet more frequently in Pakistan than anywhere else in the world. Pakistan leads the world in Google searches for “baby sex”, for Heavens’ sake. It also leads the world in searches from 2004 to 2010 for “rape sex”, “rape video” and “rape pictures”.

What I found in 2006 was that Pakistan also topped the list of Google Trend’s searches for animal sex. Over all years and regions, Pakistan still has the highest number of people Googling for “animal sex”.

I broke this down into individual categories. In 2006, Pakistan led all nations who hunted for “dog sex”, and in all years and regions, it still tops the list. Pakistan leads the field in 2010 in hunts for web searches for “pig sex”, as it did in 2006 and in all hunts from 2004 to 2010. Both pigs and dogs are regarded as “unclean” in Islam, so such hunts may be seen as a rebellion against their upbringing. From the time period 2004 to 2010, Pakistan has consistently been far ahead of any other country in web hunts for “donkey sex”, and also “goat sex”, “horse sex” and “camel sex.” [...]

Why is none of this even remotely surprising? It could all just be dismissed as a racist, islamophobic beat up by familysecuritymatters.org (who btw do not sound like too much of a bunch of loons) except for one thing - anyone can go and verify the google data for themselves.

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Japan as absurdly low rates of sex crime for even a secular country which...

You're surprised that a country who's laws are neutral towards religion has lower crime rates? Really? Are you sure you're on the right site?

Beyond that I agree with what you're saying.
You're surprised that a country who's laws are neutral towards religion has lower crime rates?

They also have less goats.
Alrighty :)
No surprises here, 4elchyG. Theists are always looking to ban what they cannot resist. This is why Conroy wants to ban porn. He's getting RSI, Relentless Spanking Injuries.

Tweeted this all about the place.
Oh the IRONY!!!
I'm not surprised at all that a culture whose biggest hero married a 6 year old, and therefore the laws allow marriage to children, would have a high interest in child pornography. From reading accounts of Islamic honeymoons (if the wife tried to be romantic, the husband would think she is a whore--she's supposed to just lie there) it is not surprising about the rape either--what enjoyment can a guy get out of a woman just lying there? Unless it's a sadistic, property-owning, conquest thing, which is about like rape. I have also read imam's opinions that it's OK to have sex with animals--as long as you kill the animal afterward and don't eat it, give the meat to a neighboring town.


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