EDITORIAL: Blame the white man

There was no joy in liberal land when the prime suspect in the Times Square bomb plot turned out to be a Pakistani-American. The right-wing terrorist boogeyman vanished. Leftist racial and ethnic profiling failed again. [...]

I salivate at the mere thought of the wild and inconceivable tangents our American correspondents can mutilate and spin out of this gem of editorial comment art.

C'mon folks. Surprise me. I bet you can't.

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Yeah, but still the same thing. I'm trying to think of a big newspaper where a main editorial is signed by name and I can't - at least not in any Oz newspaper. It's never done. It defaults to being the responsibility of the editor-in-chief as opinion representing the entire paper.
Well, that's the idea, but nowadays it wouldn't shock me if they outsourced the editorial writing to Indonesia. The point is, they don't sign them, so nobody really knows.
The newspaper is what will get sued and the editor's head is the one that will roll if they do anything real bad. That's as good as a signature.

he does look kind of pale, depending on the photo.
It certainly does depend on the photo. At first I thought the photo next to the article was the author of the article and I thought to myself "A Latino man wrote this". Then I realised that was a photograph of the suspect.
Yeah, us liberals are the ones into racial profiling. And we're also the ones who like to avoid Mirandizing suspects, following due process, doing thorough investigations before jumping to conclusions, and trying people before we hang them. Yeah, we do that.

And now fucking Lieberman wants to revoke citizenship for terrorism suspects. Right, like the cops and the military never make mistakes. Right-wingers are such dipshits. Due process isn't to protect the guilty. It's to protect the innocent.

Fucking Lieberman. Never trust a guy who always talks like he's simultaneously apologizing and taking a shit. While smiling. Goddam creepshow.
I loved listening to Lieberman talk about this. He wants to enforce the law that can strip the citizenship of an American serving in a foreign military. So does that mean that all of the American Jews that serve in the Israeli military are going to be charged and lose their citizenship?
I'd say there's about a zero chance of that.
Simple bullshit right wing spin of the "lying for Jesus" ilk. The right, religious or not, though it's hard to separate the two, seem to feel that any lie for the cause is acceptable.
Funny that. You can say the same about liberals. But only if you're really honest. And if you can't, then you're just another filthy liar.
Your point being what...Capitalism is not a love story? Michael Moore is Glenn Beck's doppelganger?

Why the reactionary "blame the white man"? Are you feeling the weight of historical oppression?. Recently discovered the long history of Blacks kidnapping white folk to slave on their farms in Africa? Latino armies invading your country forcing your farmers to grow bananas? Orientals forcing Confucianism down your throat at the point of a gun? Arabs slaughtering women and children in your streets 'till "Blood Even Unto the Horses Bridles" flowed?
Aww, poor sensitive white guy. Just not fair, is it? But it's getting better...these days you have guns, and booze and Fox News. Life's finally looking up for the white man.
Oh noes. Sacred cows and blasphemy. The holy of holies, criticising Michael Moore...

Moore is a liar and publicity whore, to the point I would almost believe he was neo-con concoction designed to undermine liberals. He does more harm than good. There's no point in preaching to the converted if you alienate everyone else.

Forging newspaper headlines is probably one of his lesser crimes against reality, but it is the best indicator of exactly how low he'll stoop for a bit of sensationalism.

The tragedy is he doesn't have to lie to make make his points - but he does anyway. This makes him worse than any of the slime that work for Faux news because he undermines the causes many of us support by being an ethically bankrupt, self serving slut. You do not use the tools of your enemy.

Yes, liberals lie. They are in the Big League, just like the fundamentalist right.


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