EDITORIAL: Blame the white man

There was no joy in liberal land when the prime suspect in the Times Square bomb plot turned out to be a Pakistani-American. The right-wing terrorist boogeyman vanished. Leftist racial and ethnic profiling failed again. [...]

I salivate at the mere thought of the wild and inconceivable tangents our American correspondents can mutilate and spin out of this gem of editorial comment art.

C'mon folks. Surprise me. I bet you can't.

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Yeah, liberal/conservative and left/right really are, at best, defined nationally at this point and have no good definitions that apply generally. They should, but it doesn't seem they do anymore.

Interesting note on the Marxist concepts of jihadists, as I've heard anything like that before, and with the very capitalistic oil and opium trades in the countries spawning these guys, it doesn't seem like a good fit for them. I don't know why I would expect them to make sense on this issue considering...
and with the very capitalistic oil and opium trades in the countries spawning these guys, it doesn't seem like a good fit for them.

It's *precisely* why it's a good fit for revolutionary jihadis.
Guilty as charged, tjme to take a critical look at my liberal biases.
THat's eyebrow profiling. tut tut!
Aww dammit, my husband has one of those, even though he cleverly disguised himself by shaving. Guess I know the truth now...
This liberal payed more attention to the Police Commissioner who kept SAYING it was too early to tell either way.
Whatever the case may be, now that the initial comments are in, this is the spew we got down here -

The initial reports about a suspect caught on video that were shown here, all from mainstream CBS and NBC sources, showed the grainy video and all stressed it was a white suspect. Not once or twice. In EACH initial report screened here.

It struck me as odd then, and even more so now. It could have been anyone from the crap vid quality, certainly even a paler black of the kind they find acceptable on brainless sitcoms. But they all emphasised white. Why ? I didn't see any Faux reports. In fact I can't really recall this type of stress on ethnicity in news reporting in general.
So in other words NBC and CBS are liberal media? Fox were guilty too -

Kelly said during a press conference Sunday that the NYPD is analyzing a surveillance video showing a unidentified white male in his 40's fleeing the scene. Kelly said the man is seen in the footage shedding a dark-colored shirt in an alley and putting it in a bag, revealing a red one underneath.

What is interesting is that Faux edit their news stories retroactively without modifying the last edit date. The above link states last edit 2 May. Faisal was arrested on the 4th - and the link has embeds of his photo.

This isn't liberal white bashing - this is corporate oligarchy white bashing, and Faux played merrily along.
I only said "white bashing" in the context of the main article. I care neither way as this item is trivia compared to other attrocities against reality committed by mainstream media (and the ethical bankruptcy of journalists in general). I just said it penetrated my brutish consciousness - the manner and the frequency of the stress on the suspect being "white". Then this editorial piece counter-bashing who it pigeon holes as "liberals" as being the white bashers. This is clearly not the case. As I said at the start, in this hotbed of "liberals" everyone was blaming allah wailers right from the start.

The "white bashing" is itself a red herring I think. It is not distaste directed at the teabagger nutjobs per se that is behind this. I think the real issue here is phobia of being branded islamophobic - islamophobiaphobia. This link I found today is quite apt.
That, or they just all got it wrong from one lazy initial report...?
Especially since he wasn't a suspect.


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