Did Glenn Beck Cover-Up a Rape/Homicide in 1990

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Evidence for a Possible Cover Up of a Double Rape Homicide Murder Glenn Beck May Have Committed in 1990. Here are the facts, judge for yourself!

Did Glenn Beck murder a young girl in 1990?
via: http://glennbeckrapedandmurderedayounggirlin1990.com

THE CLAIM: Glenn Beck of Fox news allegedly abducted, raped, tortured and eventually killed a young girl in a homemade sex dungeon torture chamber in 1990.

Page also saved in attached beck.zip in case of removal.

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It offends my left-handed wife as well. And in my continuing effort to annoy the ever-loving piss out of her, I do what I can to perpetuate the left=wrong conjecture.
Interesting marriage...
It's all in good fun.
Stephan: Funny, but not sure it is worthy of "news."

No, but it may well become news. In which case you heard it here first.
Wow, just when I think I've seen the stupidest thing of the day...
Yeah, this guy clearly doesn't get what this all about.
I'm kind of sad that there were no comments on it re-writing the article stating that the ascendancy of Glenn Beck is a sign of desperation on the right. I'd go do it, but I'm too lazy right now :P
That's hilarious!
Hilarious!! Fuck Beck!! That scumbag deserves any slander people are inspired to throw at him. Saying that it's a verified story might be a bit risky though. Also just have to say that some of those Assorted Rumors are pretty fucked up.

As expected - the blogspot page is now empty and the other site is returning a parsing error typical of quickly deleted content.


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