Lindsay Lohan was released from Los Angeles County Jail yesterday (Aug. 2) after serving only 13 days of a 90 day sentence for violating probation. Yet, according to Prison Minister Marty Angelo, she probably wouldn't have ended up there at all if only she had accepted Jesus in 2007 when she last served time (on November 15, 2007, Lohan served 84 minutes of a one day jail sentence after pleading guilty to cocaine use and DUI).


At that time Angelo, who runs a faith-based substance abuse treatment program, offered to serve any jail time she was sentenced to for her, if only she would enroll in and complete a 12-month residential program (like his) that apply Biblical principles to treating drug and alcohol addictions.


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What would Jesus do?


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The fact that both her parents are fucked up had nothing to do with it.
Was this just a reason to post bikini pics? =P
I need no justification or apologies...I just wanted to be sure of the explanation...I'd hate to miss something...

Actually, the bikini pics were an afterthought -but once thought of, they were hard to resist.
Seems like a good way to wrap up the piece to me.
It's just too bad she doesn't still look like that isn't it?
She'll always look like that to us internet peoples.
I came for the Jesus story, but stayed for the bikini pics
well played
Pfft, Jesus couldn't even keep himself out of jail. Lohan's lucky she didn't get nailed to a tree.

fake edit: oh wait, he was offering to be her sacrificial goat if she'd take his program and she failed? Really? When his own statistics supplied by the department of 'pulled them out of my ass' say that it has a 15% failure rate?
After about 2 seconds research, I learned Lindsay Lohan is, in fact, a Catholic. So....

He hasn't saved her so far.

My question is - would jesus have gotten his naval pierced with Lindsay? I think so. I think the great JC was up for a good piercing, Okay, that was bad, but I couldn't resist.
Jesus loves beautiful women ofcourse. Maria Magdalene, Martha, Jane, Sussanah, Salome and the prostitute about to be stoned.Remember?
Nowonder, the guy refused to marry, even at 33 years.


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