Teachers' 'disgusting' lap dance caught on tape

Two Winnipeg high school teachers are feeling heat from their employer after performing a raunchy dance in front of more than 100 students in a gymnasium last week — and having their performance at the Spirit Week event caught on video.

“The guy gave the girl teacher a lap dance,” said one Grade 12 student yesterday. “It was dirty. He put his face in her crotch. She laughed and looked like she was really enjoying it.”

The man and woman have been temporarily removed from their teaching positions at Churchill High School, with pay, while the Winnipeg School Division investigates, said trustee Mike Babinsky. [...]

The video on that page won't work for me. I found a YouTube copy and embedded it below.

This is fucking disgusting. Not what the teachers did, but the knee-jerking puritan reaction. The students are grade 12, which unless I'm wrong, puts them in the 16-18 yo band. By that age, virgins should be an endangered species and I bet there's at least a few with a running back-of-the-toilet-block blow job tally count. Exactly who is being protected from what ?

This is the joy of portable technology and the resurgence of paleopuritan atavism - ruining people's lives over trivia, 21st century style. 

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Wow...people have a problem with that? In a high school?!?!? Have these people never seen a highschool cheerleader competition?
"Concerned citizens" - the vilest thing to have ever slithered over the earth.
I don't agree with that...but we have no need for behavior policing by the public. Is it legal? Does it fall within the school's conduct code the teachers agreed to when they took the job? That's all that matters.
I don't agree with that...

No ? "Concerned citizens" fabricate evil out of nothing. The create misery where there was none. They are little more than a lynch mob that creates demons out of folks that are not like them, the "others", be they gays, atheists or people that belong to the wrong political parties. Often, they deliberately damage these "others" for no other reason than to make themselves look better and purer. These folks belong in Dante's 9th circle of hell. They destroy using their own selfish, shallow stupidity and they do so wantonly.
Mostly, "concerned citizens" are afraid that SOME naughty person(s) may have the unmitigated nerve to do something which does very little more than violate their own "ouch-cube" sensibilities.

Once again, my man, Mr. H said it well:

Freedom begins when you tell Mrs. Grundy to go fly a kite.
Puritanism. The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy. -- H. L. Mencken
I haven't seen a Mencken quote yet that doesn't hit the mark. I guess it's time to actually read some of his works. Any suggestions as to the best place to start?
Awesome quote.
Sometimes I wonder about you. Of COURSE I have a problem with the people that you define...but that's not the definition of concerned citizen I was would use. You can be a citizen and have real concerns. For instance, I'm concerned about the amount of money wasted and lives ruined due to throwing people in prison for selling and smoking pot. I'm also a citizen. Does that make me a bad person?
"Concerned citizens" differentiate themselves from citizens with concerns usually by applying that label to themselves. As an exercise, just try and find an example of self-labeled "concerned citizens" that aren't batshit insane.
I actually think the ubiquity of camera-phones will lead to an erosion of puritanism as they provide more and more evidence of just how debauched most people really are.

On the other hand, this video kind of bugged me. Not because the teachers were doing something raunchy, but because they were a little too much on the same party wavelength as their charges. Teachers oughtn't pretend to be just one of the kids.


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