Christian Teacher and Musician Accused of Minivan Sex with Student

High School Math Teacher Accused of Minivan Sex with Student

LANSDALE, Pa. (CBS/AP) Prosecutors are calling it a "calculated seduction."

A math teacher at a suburban Philadelphia high school who's accused of having sex with one of her students and sending sexually explicit messages to another has been ordered to stand trial.........She is married and has three children and mantains a website where she has published songs that teach Christian messages and also musical ways to learn math. Full story

Tags: child endangerment, christian, hypocrite, pedophile, statutory rape

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I will never let my children near a church. I am think about starting a petition to ban churches from being 2000 meters from scholls and pre-schools.
What an excellent idea. You start it, I'll sign.
I would absolutely sign that petition!
I wonder if she covers "Heaven's in the backseat of my Cadillac"?
Christians aren't perfect, were just hypocrites.

I think that's what the bumpersticker said.
Her site says that she's as "light as a feather", into "complete submission" and offers a "perfect peace"(she obviously meant piece).

Those poor guys didn't stand a chance.
Haha, piece.


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