Christian Murdered for Drinking Tea from a Muslim Cup

WASHINGTON, DC (MetroCatholic) - International Christian Concern ( has learned that radical Muslims running a tea stall beat a Christian man to death for using a cup designated for Muslims on May 9. The young man, Ishtiaq Masih, had ordered tea at a roadside stall in Machharkay village, Punjab, Pakistan, after his bus made a rest stop.

When Ishtiaq went to pay for his tea, the owner noticed that he was wearing a necklace with a cross and grabbed him, calling for his employees to bring anything available to beat him for violating a sign posted on the stall warning non-Muslims to declare their religion before being served. Ishtiaq had not noticed the warning sign before ordering his tea.

The owner and 14 of his employees beat Ishtiaq with stones, iron rods and clubs, and stabbed him multiple times with kitchen knives as Ishtiaq pleaded for mercy.

The other bus passengers and other passers-by finally intervened and took Ishtiaq to the Rural Health Center in the village. The doctor who took Ishtiaq’s case told ICC that Ishtiaq had died due to excessive internal and external bleeding, a fractured skull, and brain injuries. Full story

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This is horrible and not unlikely, however, I'd sure prefer an independent source for this story. I Googled the victims name and the only people reporting on this are the usual gang of religotards. I'm not asking for the Times of London or NY but isn't there any place that picked up this event that hasn't a stake in making Christians out to be victims? is run by International Christian Concern. They are 100% partisan, and as such, they have about as much genuine credibility as PETA. There is probably a grain of truth in there somewhere, but you will only get the actual story from other media organisations without vested interests.
Thanks guys. This sounds very possible, but could also very easily be made up. I'll kind of keep my eyes peeled for other references to the story, jic.


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