Blasphemy trial of Danish Cartoonist to be held this month in Jordan

The case is being brought by the editor of an Islamic newspaper, Zakarya Sheikh, who's suing Kurt Westergaard, the Danish Cartoonist, who famously depicted Mohammed with a bomb in his turban.


Says the Sheikh, "“I will do everything in my power to bring him to trial. He deserves the harshest punishment available within the law.” 


Presumably, Westegaard won't be attending the court case.




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Ooooooooooooooooookay ... and just WHO is going to be arguing for the defense here?  Is this going to be an honest legal proceeding where the accused is presumed innocent or a kangaroo court for no more purpose than show?

Yeah, I know, rhetorical question, but someone's got to call these asshats on their BS.

Yeah - I'm not holding my breath on the outcome of the trial. The worrying aspect is that if he's found guilty it's going to inflame the zealots baying for his blood all over again.

You can only have an Islamic kangaroo court if kangaroo meat is halal (the Muslim version of kosher).

And guess what? It is! Here's a page dedicated to the discussion of how to make kangaroo meat halal:



Who was it that came up with the idea of hanging forbidden food in a well, because that makes it count as fish?
It's not even "stop drawing cartoons and we'll stop doing extremist things" anymore. It's "stop doing extremist things and we'll stop drawing cartoons." Every time something like this happens, someone else is inspired to draw Mohammed.

Or burn the Q'ran.


You're right - it's a classic case of escalation. Where will it all end?


isnt "draw mohammed day" going to happen again?

somebody get the address of this self proclaimed spititual asshole and we all send him our version of the big MO.


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