Birthers Want To See Obama's Penis

Birthers have now decided that what makes a person a true, blue, red-blooded American is not the color of your complexion but how much foreskin you have.

Commenters (and circumcised Americans) over at Free Republic struck on a revelation yesterday: if Barack Obama has not been circumcised, then he must not have been born in the United States. Why? Because all of their boys were circumcised.

Perfectly rational and understandable. I want to see Obama's dick too. I'll make a t-shirt. Obama dick can be the Che Guevara image for the 21st century.

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And yes, if he was circumcised, cue the fake medical record of it being done "once he was in the United States."
Well at least we can rest easy now about Palin or Bachmann being nominated in 2012. As neither of them have a dick, neither can prove her True Citizenship(tm).
Bachmann would have to prove she's from this planet.
HOLY CRAP! I must not be American... time for me to ask my parents where I was REALLY born. They have some explaining to do!

Let`s see, more and more outlandish claims based on the deepest desires of those who share the same viewpoint, mutual support for untestable claims and denial of facts right before them. I don`t see any paralells at all.
As if thinking foreskin proved something wasn't bad enough, the comments following the article ought to have the commentators sterilised for the good of us all. Eejits!
Ummm. . .I have news for these morons. Not every male born in the United States has been circurmcised.

One good thing: now they are showing how truly idiotic they are.
Maybe if Christians took a vow of silence their religion wouldn't seem so insane. In other words, dear Christians: if you don't have anything intellegent to say, please don't say anything at all.
On the contrary, I'm glad they are insane out in the light...I know which ones to watch out for.
There are thousands of uncircumcised males in the US. Are they all 'unAmerican' too? Jeebus H Christ on a biscuit......
Jeebus H Christ is a biscuit! Ask the Catholics! =P
New gay pickup line: "Let's go back to my place and prove our citizenship."


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