Anger after Australian Jew films video of her family singing 'I Will Survive' on a trip to Auschwitz

Anger after Australian Jew films video of her family singing 'I Will Survive' on a trip to Auschwitz

An Australian woman has posted a video of her family singing and dancing along to the Gloria Gaynor hit 'I Will Survive' while on a trip to the Auschwitz death camp in Poland.

Jane Korman, who is Jewish, posted the video of her 89-year-old father Adolk - who survived the Holocaust - and her three children dancing to the hit inside the infamous extermination centre where as many as 1.1million people were killed during World War Two.

At one point, her father is seen wearing a t-shirt which 'I will survive' written across its front.

Mrs Korman has defended herself against claims of tastelessness and said the recording was 'a celebration of life and survival'. [...]

This is puritanism and wowserism at it's vilest. It is somewhat reassuring that positive comments not only dominate the story forum, but they also get a landslide of positive reader votes. I think an 89 year old guy who went through it and survived is entitled to tell his story however the fuck he pleases.

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Three cheers for the old guy!
I totally agree with you Grogan. The tasteless ones are the po-faced critics.
Yeah, those wacky Zionists. Just filling in time between plotting world domination.
Oh come on. He freaking survived the Holocaust. If he isn't allowed to have a bit of a lighthearted, celebratory moment, there's just something wrong.
I think he's making quite an artistic statement myself. And I expect he has done so quite deliberately to inflame "concerned citizens" and "moral watchdogs".
Yeah, something along those lines, more or less.
or maybe he was just happy to be dancing with his grandchildren.
I think the old fart knew precisely what he was doing. This was a piece of traditional Cynic performance art par excellence that would have Diogenes himself in a gleeful giggle fit. It is a crime against weak-tea-and-scones properness, a colossal "fuck you" to the holocaust industry and defiance at being unbreakable by even the vilest that humanity has to offer. I thank him from the bottom of my bottom.

I would love to shake that guy's hand and congratulate him for surviving Auschwitz and for having such sense of humor.
What a brilliant idea for a video!
I think this is fabulous. Good for him!
Takes a special kind of nuts to get mad for something like this. Keeping a sense of humour after going through something like the Holocaust is the final humiliation and ultimate defeat of the proud Nazi fucktards, so I welcome its expression in any way, shape or form. Adolk, live long and prosper *thumb up*


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