Al Qaeda Accused of Using Male Rape to Recruit Suicide Bombers

Published Jul 1, 2009 by ■ Carol Forsloff

According to Algerian militant Abu Bacir El Assimi, Islamic terrorists rape young men as a means of recruitment for suicide bombings. Rape creates a social stigma and fear, according to reports, that leave Muslims prepared to die.
The Sun quotes Algerian militant Abu Baçir El Assimi as saying,
"The sexual act on young recruits aged between 16 to 19 was a means to urge them to commit suicide operations."

Both rape and homosexual acts under Sharia law are punishable by death.

News sources say an autopsy revealed a suspected terrorist bomber killed during an attempted terrorist attack on a security installation in Algeria may have been raped. The report presents the autopsy as finding: "a large tear in the anus of the terrorist, which confirms the sexual abuse. In addition, semen analysis is underway to determine the perpetrator.” The victim of the alleged abuse was 22 years old who was said to have joined a terrorist group in March 2008.

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No one was saying you should leave. No one that I have noticed has ever mentioned anything to do with immigration. No one has intended to show you any disrespect. No one has indicated that they do not consider you as an equal in any way.

Isn't seeking offense where none exists at the root of all religious madness ?
Amer, as interpreted by a native English speaker, I certainly don't think MoJoe was asking you to leave. He was commenting on the content of the news items, not on your participation. I understand your point, but the focus of the post was on the rape aspect, not the suicide bomber aspect, so I think people were just focusing on that.
Where do you get the idea that Joe asked you to leave? Am I the only who has noticed that you threaten to leave when you don't get the answer you like?
I think that the line "Once we cross that line and begin posting non-atheist news, there really isn't a good place to draw the line anymore." could be taken as a criticism against Amer's comments if taken out of context, read without much attention or by a non-native English speaker.
Errr, I wasn't asking anyone to leave.

No apology necessary. English is my first language and I barely understand it. ;)
Yes, well, we've all considered you a bit dense, MoJoe.
Jacqueline Sarah Homan: There is another dimension to the seemingly higher rates of rape in top-down theocratic (or even near-theocratic) nations. But since this article is about Al Qaeda, I will treat this with a response concerncing particular heinous sex crimes and oppressions committed by Islamic fundamentalists.

That is good. I would hate to see another group poisoned by War and Peace scale sermonising with diplomatic immunity from reality.
Well said.

In Iran last year, a 16 yr old girl was stoned to death for sexual immodesty — she had been raped by her uncle.

Yes, that is because the muslims blame the women for inciting the desire in men. That is why they want them covered up all the time, to prevent the women from tempting men away from their duty to Allah.

Being a male-dominated society, they will do what theocratically-minded, authoritarian men always do: deny any responsibility for their actions, and blame the innocent victims.

Just like when they killed that 14 year old boy, instead of punishing the pedophiles.
Isn't well-documented that the American Military rapes males in their "jails" like Guantanamo?

When other cultures learn how to be Imperialist Terrorists, they learn from the best; USA
Corey, I don't think that it is "well documented". Anyone who has ever been imprisoned anywhere has always claimed physical or sexual abuse. Sure it happens, but sometimes that is just another tool they use to discredit their captors. I'm not venturing here into the realm of legal or illegal imprisonment, hostages, or whatever. All I'm saying is that it could or could not have happened, but neither side ever really tells the truth when it comes to such matters. Without an independent investigation and physical evidence, it is hard to substantiate.


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