12 children die during bad luck ceremony

Twelve Indonesian children have died after a suspension bridge collapsed as they were taking part in a traditional ceremony to dispel bad luck, a local official said.

The accident took place in a remote village in Aceh.

"There were about 37 kids gathered together on a wire-cable suspension bridge when it collapsed and they fell into a river," district chief Ibnu Hasyim said.

Twenty-five children were rescued with minor injuries but 12 others - all below the age of 12 - were swept away in strong currents.

The children were watching a ritual ceremony to dispel misfortune after a measles outbreak in the area.

The adults were throwing offerings in the form of chickens into the river when the bridge collapsed, the official said.

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Ironic isn't it?
this is the kind of irony that leaves all five fingers on your face
Well, it only goes to show you that sometimes you can be nice to Allah and the sumbitch will come back and give you the double whammy.
I can hear them now, "It's a miracle! 25 of the kids survived the fall." I guess asking for a miracle where all of the children survived the fall wouldn't be Old Testament enough.
It would be a miracle even if only one kid survived the fall.

On a second thought, even if none did survive, it would be a miracle that more kids weren't on the bridge when it collapsed.

It seems that to the superstitious, there's a miracle in every tragedy. It's like the two faces of a coin.
Gather all the kids together and drown them in a river...that might actually get rid of the measles!
Aceh? Isn't this the same area where religious leaders blamed the Tsunami on Unpious women?
I'd be tempted to laugh if it were just the adults.

But with kids involved ... just criminal.

FYI Felch - the link appears broken. Do you still have it somewhere?


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