Since starting my video series last year - I've received a lot of flack from atheists saying that I go "too far" or am exploitative in my methods. This video is for the atheists that hate me....

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Ha! You're the man, Lee! Keep oppressing the great oppressors. 

Dude, I didn't know you were here!  I saw your video earlier today, because I subscribe to your YouTube channel.  So, do me a favor:  Don't stop!

By the way, have you seen Greta Christina's lecture, "Why Are All You Atheists So Angry?"?  She gave it at Skepticon 4, and I found that on YouTube, too.  Lost track of how many times I've watched it, now.  If you haven't seen it, yet, it just might be a source of new (or, should I say, gnu -- lol) anti-theist ideas.  She hits a lot of nails on the head.

Thanks for your strong work, Mike!

OMG!!!   :)   Great Lecture, I am made to feel on a daily basis that there is something wrong with me because I am so angry!  I have always wanted to know why all these religious people are not angry about all the in-justice, pain, & suffering going on in the world.  And why do they no want to make it change and why they cannot admit RELIGION is the major factor??????????   Love you Greta!!!!!!!!

Lucy - have a look at Naturalism - for the causal web and determinism - to realise that the world couldn't be any other way right now - we are lead to this point due to fully caused causal factors that couldn't have been any other way.

Also, non-violent communication about how to manage personal anger, so that it can be direction and expressed fully in a productive way and doesn't cause self harm.

i Forgive you!!!!!

They deserve all they get. You went too easy on them I think, and you only told them once. People this stupid need to be told at least 3 times, very slowly.

Love your stuff, Mike!  Don't evar stop!

Way to go Mike - don't hold back buddy!

I'm not a fan, but usually because I find it very awkward to watch. Like a car wreck, except you want to look away.

You go Mike!  I think your videos are freaking funny as hell.  I would love to see more Christians VS Atheists Kickball  soon!!! 

I haven't watched your videos, including the one above. I'm mainly commenting on the text portion of your article.

I want to say, how can you 'go too far' in your methods?? Don't reliigious people do that? I just mentioned today to my CFI group members that one reason why I don't like church and Christianity in general is that they say they are loving, yet as soon as you sit in a pew, you are yelled at, criticized, oppressed and ridiculed all over the place. They "love" yet yell at you that everything you do will send you to hell.

That's what I call 'going too far'.

Keep up the good work.

Pull up his YouTube channel. He's got some awesome, insane stuff. In this post, I think he's referring to one of our members who went on a bit of a tirade about how he was doing horrible things. He may have also gotten some responses on YouTube, itself. I generally stay out of the comments section of YouTube.


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