I had a great idea! In another discussion someone mentioned secret handshakes or a way to tell who in the business world is an atheist. How about instead of using the '@' symbol for you email address, you instead replace the '@' with Dawkin's scarlet letter 'A'?

It's discrete, if they don't know what that symbol means they'll think you just went out of your way to make the at symbol look creative. If they recognize it... think of the possibilities! An entire network of atheists in the business arena!


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Its a great idea
Then on top of that we need to find a way to plant atheists in every company that manufacters printers! They can ensure every printer made will insist on printing all @ symbols in red
That way every priest will hand out propoganda with red @s on it
Then they will spend all their time thinking god damn it every time I hand out more and more junk people keep calling me an atheist
~~ I know it defeats the purpose of the idea but raah raah raah ~~ would be a laugh to see the confusion when the religious types cant understand why everyone thinks they are godless
That's hilarious! I like it... I'll start interning at one of those plants and I'll see what I can do.... hehe
The interns need an exciting cloak and dagger name thats something like our version of Illuminati

If you are looking for a 'cloak and dagger' name Illuminati-style.... how about Illuminated-A?

I like it!

I keep seeing the Jesus fish on products (and avoiding them if there's any alternative), and thinking how great it would be to have a symbol for atheist companies.

I do graphics, so if anybody wants such an A @ on a business card, shoot me a message.
I like Illuminated@ I can be illuminated @ home
I can be illuminated @ work
Those fundies will never know when illuminated people are going to pop up
~~ It would be cool to see a graphic that has Illumated@ done professionally
The graphic can go on products like a sticker that stands out to say no fundie garbage was used in making this product

yay I hope Blake might make a sample Illuminated@
Can you guys link me to some text styles you like?

So you want:

Illuminated@ all in the same style? And I'm guessing in red?

I have to say, I mostly like the idea of a Dawkins Scarlet A in the @. That I can certainly do.
Im going to make twice the work for Blake lol
Thats because im going off the idea of one graphic Illuminated@ is
for businesses to display they are a proudly dogma free business
The second graphic using the Dawkins scarlet A is for any person to show they are atheist
I think people can type "Illuminated"

Here's an A @:


It's not very clean, but it should work at a small size. Click "download" over on the left for the large image.

This link may also work:


I also uploaded a red one with outline that you can find in my photos here next to the black one.
That's an awesome graphic! It's subtle, and if you know what it means you found a great connection. But if you don't know what that 'A' means then you'll just think its a cool looking symbol for 'at'.

Looks like this Illuminated thing really took on a life of its own lol
Love it!!! It's now my desktop background as well...


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