Pandorum (2009), directed by Christian Alvart

Someone brought this up on another site. It looked interesting so I watched it this weekend.

It is an entertaining and (slightly) suspenseful movie. I can’t say that there is anything at all original about it, as it follows a pretty tried-and-true methodology:

- Take a group of strangers
- Trap them in an unfriendly environment
- Make it so that things are not as they appear
- Have something prey upon them
- Make them fight for survival (and learn to trust one another in the process)
- Give them a task or goal to accomplish, and make sure it is a race against the clock
- Kill off a bunch of them in the process
- And have a positive ending where they all live happily ever after

Yeah, well. We’ve all seen it. Been there, done that. Nonetheless, Pandorum is a well done movie and an entertaining two hours. There are several scenes, especially at the beginning, that are somewhat intense, and the sets and special effects are very well done, too.

Check it out. It’s a lot better than many movies of the same genre.

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Your mischaracterization of me is incredibly amusing. I bet you consider 'Ishmael' one of your favourite books (or it would be if you read it).

Your inability to appreciate the distinction between science and knowledge vs. our destructive human nature is a fatal flaw in your outlook. You have no solutions. The only solutions, if we manage to implement them in time, are going to come from science and knowledge, not from a nostalgic yearning for 'the good old days' where violence, disease, and oppression came from in the first place.
I hated Ishmael and as well as as all other things new agey and Thich Nhat Hanh-esque. I also fully distinguish between science and knowledge, I believe they exist in very separate spheres and that knowledge is entirely possible without the modern outlook of science. As for our destructive human nature, well it appears rethorical to me... if by definition humans are destructive, then surely more technology will only afford us more destruction... it goes without saying. I agree that we are "by nature" destructive, which is why I wish to see less of us.

Today's society is eons more repressive than what you call the "good old days" whatever that means... since those good old days commonly refers to no farther than the past century or so... just consider police per capita, laws per capita, weight of government (greater than the church ever was), invasive privacy breaching technologies...

I proposed a solution, population reduction, but obviously you completely ignored those paragraphs...

So of course the fact that I profoundly disagree with your world view, YOU consider a simple "mischaracterization", how very odd.
It was in the not-new releases at the video club so I picked it up, yeah, ok.

Not many god references at all... just the beginning message, and later on in the explanation of one person with a bit of a god complex, and which christian lost in space all alone wouldn't ! ha ha ha

The set was cool...


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