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I've Just Published a New Book, the "Freethought Resource Guide" Which Might be Helpful Here

I am the author of the recently published "Freethought Resource Guide: A Directory of Information, Literature, Art, Organizations, and Internet Sites Related to Secular Humanism, Skepticism, Atheism, and Agnosticism". In the book there is a section devoted film. I just found this discussion group and am going to check out all of your suggestions. Some of my favorites include: "The Invention of Lying" "The Man Who Sued God" "The Turman Show" and nearly everything by Monty Python for comedy. "Atheism: A Rought History of Disbelief" "The Tillman Story" "Thomas Paine: The Most Valuable Englishman Ever" Cosmos" and "Jesus Camp' for a few documentaries. For some good drama check out "Agora" "Creation" "Inherit the Wind" "Ikiru" "Madame Curie" "You Don't Know Jack" and a whole lot more. Thanks for the group.


The book is now available on Amazon in paperback and ebook. I hope it will help educate and empower the freethought community. Please check it out through my website


Praise for "Freethought Resource Guide"


“Mark Vandebrake has created a one of a kind work. This is a book to explore, think about, read pieces here and there, learn new methods and explore ideas. I cannot imagine the effort that went into this project. It is monumental. The "Freethought Resource Guide" is a deep mine in which you will find many gold nuggets. You could spend a lifetime exploring the resources compiled here. The Freethought Movement now has a single source for all things secular.”


-Dr. Darrel W. Ray, author of "Sex and God," and "The God Virus," founder and Chairman of the board for Recovering from Religion


Thanks so much for your time. I hope you don't mind me posting about this.


Take care,

Mark Vandebrake

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Avez-vous traduit votre livre en français? Pensez à la communauté francophile.

Je suis désolé. Je souhaite qu'il y ait eu des traductions. Je n'ai pas l'argent à l'heure actuelle à faire tellement cependant.

Did that translate alright?

I'm sorry. I wish there were translations. I don't have the money at the moment to do so though.

Votre traduction est bonne. Vous réussirez dans votre entreprise.


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