I have atheists over at my house every two weeks to watch documentaries. We even bought a MPLC license to make it more legal! Anyway, we're looking for some good ideas for some documentaries to watch to further our education. Do you guys have any Suggestions? Here's some that we've seen so far:

For the Bible tells me so - When a Christian fundamentalist family suddenly realizes they have a gay family member
Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial - The Dover case
Flock of Dodos - Investigation of Intelligent design
Expelled: No Intelligence allowed - Ben Stein's ID propaganda film
The Four-Winged Dinosaur - Chinese dino fossil evidence pointing to evolution into birds
Ape Genius - a look at the intelligence of apes
The Last Great Ape - All about Bonobos, those dildo creating sex maniacs
Jesus Camp - Fundies brainwashing kids
Passion of the Christ - Mel Gibson throws Jesus a pity party
Mystery of the Megaflood - Investigation into the repeat megafloods in Oregon's Columbia gorge
A Brief History of Disbelief - BBC documentary about the history of atheism
The Mormons - Frontline documentary of the History of the Mormon Church
Jesus: The complete Story - Discovery Channel documentary about Jesus
The Making of Spore - The Evo-Devo video game
Journey of Man - National Geographic DNA project tracing the origins of Humans
Lost Tribe of Isreal - DNA evidence shows the black tribe in Africa truly are decedents of the Isrealites like they claim.
First Flower - How new DNA evidence is reorganizing the flower tree of life that was created from fossil evidence (Who knew Strawberries and Marijuana were cousins!)
What the Bleep do we know - New Age cult recruitment film which butchers quantum mechanics into a religion
The Secret - Oprah supported new age thinking which butchers quantum mechanics into a bad philosophy.
The Elegant Universe - Brian Green's excellent movie describing string Theory
The God who wasn't There - movie saying that Jesus never existed
Cosmos - Carl Sagan's Ode to Science
Fitna - The controversial Islam movie
Obsession - The other controversial Islam movie

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Touching the Void is powerful in that Joe Simpson faced unbelievable, life threatening odds and he never once wanted to cry out to a god. I have pondered the implications long after watching the documentary.

Monster Road
The Root of All Evil if you can get it.


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