Okay, which movie monsters and villains do you think are the most bad ass? For me, it’s pretty easy.

The number one bad ass movie monster is the Balrog of Morgoth from Lord of the Rings. He's just so frickin’ cool, and I love this scene in the movie, too.


Second runner up is the alien from Aliens. Another just awesome creature.


Third favorite is Pumpkinhead. The only thing not monstrous about him is that little wang they've given him here.

And not to steal the show, but the Predator has got to mentioned for being so cool, too.


As far as villains go, Pinhead from Hellraiser is the best, imho. He just loves evil too much!


And Samara from The Ring is just evil beyond the capacity of a child.

Third choice would be Michael Myers.

Well, if I didn’t already take all the cool ones, who or what would you guys add, and why?

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I've never been a fan of monster movies and the grotesque, so my vote will go to Harry (from With A Friend Like Harry...), the most chilling villain I've seen on film. So gentle, so nice, so helpful...
Never even heard of that movie.
French movie, 2001. Guaranteed ultra-fresh on the tomatometer.

What the villains in your gallery display on the outside, Harry hides in the inside. I'm more afraid of ugly brains than I am of sharp teeth and claws.

BUT!!! Harry has a really big heart and he really wants to help... that's what makes him especially nasty.
Nice list. In my mind, Alien is by far the best for the simple reason that they were species that were not bent on social, political, or moral justice. They were merely feeding. There was something pure about them. I would have also added Jigsaw. My reason is that he chose to experiment. The victims were all rats in cages. They chose they're way out. If their faith was legit, they could have simple chosen to go to heaven. Which adds to the theory people deep down really don't buy into the afterlife. Also would have added the alien thing from slither, just because it made me laugh.
Great observation about the aliens, Joseph. And yes, wow, Jigsaw is another great choice. I've never seen Slither, but I found this trailer. Looks vaguely familiar now that I watch the trailer. Looks like a classic, 70s style horror flick.

Definitely check out slither! James Gunn movie, really gives the feel of the campy horror of the 80's, but cracked me up. It's got kind of a off sense of humor. James Gunn started making movies with the Troma gang, and is the one who wrote the Dawn of the Dead (remake). Which, I guess, could also make your list. The zombies were outstanding. And, if you're anything like my wife and me, one of the main reasons you watch horror is for the twisted humor which inevitably comes with it.
Okay, I requested Slither from the library. There was a copy available, so I'll probably get it this week.

You know, I've seen SO MANY zombie movies I can't even keep them all straight. Seriously. Perhaps one day I need to get a list of zombie movies by date and watch them all in order. My fav is 28 Days Later.

Also, it's funny, because I have no idea why I like horror movies. They don't scare me, and it's not like I WANT bad things to happen to people (well, okay, to some people perhaps I do), but I watch them all time. Go figure. I guess its because the situations are so much more creative/implausable.

I'll probably like watching Slither, just because I think Nathan Fillion is dead sexy. : )


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