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Have any of you guys seen the film, "Sunshine?" My husband and I rented it last night. It's a really good sci-fi film with Cillian Murphy (he's an atheist!!) starring in it.

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I've not seen it, although there's a long list of sci-fi and fantasy films that came out recently that I didn't get a chance to see...
i must pick. Please co not mix sci-fi with fantasy. I know Lucas does this with his gawd awful never ending SW tripe, but please Sunshine is sci-fi.
The science in this was so bad that my cohabi-tater walked out of the room. I thought the film had its moments, but some of the plot devices have been done to death in sci fi.
I love Danny Boyle's movies. Sunshine is great, and I also suggest '28 days later', if you enjoy horror movies.
I lost interest in seeing this when I read the premise. Why the heck would you need an entire crew to navigate a spaceship into the Sun? It's huge, hard to miss and it's straight down. Why not just send a reasonably intelligent robotic ship there?

It seems like the entire film is an exercise in unnecessary drama.


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