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I have been practising Buddhism and meditation in the Theravadin tradition for the best part of 20 years and have 'lurked' on this site for a while now. I thought some of you may be interested to look at a site devoted to Buddhist meditation that is entirely stripped of all cultural accretions and approaches the practise of meditation as almost a scientific endeavour aimed at the attainment of enlightenment in this lifetime. Check out


This approach to meditation is completely in line with the Buddha's teachings on practise and the stages of the path and requires a lot of hard work and a very critical attitude towards the reality of your own experiences. However, I have found that practising in this way has given me a new focus and the reading the advice of forum members on the site has been invaluable in helping me overcome obstacles I have wrestled with in meditation for years. I hope other people may derive some benefit from this online Dhamma community.


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