Does anyone here do 3d modeling or is interested in getting into it? I'm interested in buying 3d models with an anti-religious theme. And I am interested in funding a 3d modeling project if an artist is proven to be worthy.

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Have you tried looking at any of the various sites that have 3D models for sale?
Well, yes, but none of them has anti-religion as a category. It is impossible for me to look for every model.
Might need to do a more general search or mention exactly what you are looking for.
general search? How?
looking for something under anti-religion probably won't get too far so for example look for crosses and see what pops up. Models can be modified after the fact.
A cross is a religious symbol, not anti-religiious symbol. I want something that satirizes religion. It is unlikely that a website will put religion and anti-religion models together.
It would help if I knew exactly what you were looking for.
Actually, I don't know what I'm looking for at this point in time. I simply collect anti-religious 3d models now.
When you say 3D models are you talking about sculpture? Of people? Small or big? Or relief images? You seem to want something ready made. Something already anti-religious, as an addition to a collection, yet you talk about working with someone who is a 'worthy' artist, suggesting you want to customise something. But what? Look at my page. I have worked for years painting mannequins and props for exhibitions and shops. I have tons of fibreglass heads and have considered doing a blasphemy exhibition with a friend in an atheist group. Also body painting on real people working with a photographer, or video. But I am in the UK.

Bryce is fun. Daz3d.com...



money; to fund; drug of 3d... rendering... ughhhhhhh

I would love to learn how to do ir! My childhood dream is to be a game developer XD


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