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My last kitty used to help me make the beds, by jumping on the fresh fitted sheet before I'd even tucked in its corners. This is my current helper.

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What a sweet picture of you two!

How cute!

I had a cat that helped me to get rid of small gifts that I hated - I really appreciated the people and the way they gave me those things, but I DON'T WANT figurines of animals or tiny glass vases or boxes that have no practical use. I put most of those things on top of the bookcase and when MauMau passed by she threw everything on the floor, and broke most of it. A wonderful, guiltfree solution!



I had a lot of cats help me with homework, by sitting on the book.

Nancy Lebovitz of has a button with a drawing of a cat sitting on a newspaper as a human is trying to read it, with the caption:

Because cats read with their asses!

btw - a few actual samples of her work:

Buttons: 'Blasphemy is a victimless crime' / 'Books. Cats. Life is good.'

Do they ever!  I don't think the printer would even print without a cat sitting on it.  (Beautiful cat, Ruth.)

Yeah... we did our furry masters friends a great disservice by replacing those most excellent butt-warming devices known as CRT monitors!

And of course both cats lie in the wardrobe on top of the towels when they get the chance: so that I can skip the ironing...

And when they sleep on your bed just before you get in it, it is so warm.


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