Tell Chevron Board members to Respect Human Rights!

Chevron's Board members have a responsibility, and a powerful opportunity, to demand that the oil giant respect human rights.

Send an email now to Chevron's Board members!

As a Chevron board member, it is critical for you to understand a serious challenge facing your company: the environmental disaster in the Ecuadorean Amazon. You have a responsibility, as well as a powerful opportunity, to address this issue during the upcoming shareholder meeting in Houston.

You may have heard about the tragedy in Ecuador, recently the subject of the critically acclaimed documentary CRUDE. Over the course of twenty-six years of oil drilling in Ecuador's Amazon, more than 18 billion gallons of toxic sludge were deliberately dumped into the rainforest, leaving local people a legacy of cancers, miscarriages and birth defects that continues today.

Since John Watson took helm at Chevron on January 1st, more than 325,000 people from 150 countries have signed a petition calling on Chevron to resolve the massive environmental and public health crisis in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. I trust and hope that you are aware of the demands of this growing global movement. Environmental and social responsibility is becoming a core element of corporate viability.

You are in an influential position to move this issue forward and I hope you will do so in the coming months. When you see Chevron CEO John Watson on May 26th tell him to do the right thing and resolve the ongoing human rights and environmental tragedy in the Amazon.

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