Mayhem, Immolation, Satyricon, Vried, some Akercocke, Helheim, Marduk...The list is long and loud.

I don't see much discussion about newer bands like Krallice, Wolves in the Throne Room, Lurker of Chalice, Hellsaw, Fear Falls Burning, and Austere. Hellsaw is more straight forward, while the rest are more...almost ambient.

Sometimes I like the bludgeoning, sometimes the musicality like Dimmu Borgir, and sometimes the atmospherics of a band like Austere. Every genre sems to have a sub-genre. What are your preferences and band recommendations? I'm always open to new bands.

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Ahhh black metal. The genre I listen to a lot more than I thought I did, heh heh.

Where to start.. Hmm.. Well, you mentioned Dimmu Borgir, so extrapolating from that, I'm going to guess you'll like Mirrorthrone, also. Not that you'd have to enjoy Dimmu for it, but it's symphonic, also. Not to mention a one-man project, which makes the quality all the more impressive. It's more gentle than Dimmu Borgir and doesn't focus on religion much, but it's a real gem, in my opinion.
Let's see, what else...

If you're into ambient black, do check out Darkspace and Paysage d'Hiver. Darkspace is far more refined, completely overwhelming with their unrelenting assault on the aural system, packed with heavy synths (especially the third album, appropriately called Darkspace III) and frankly just feels like the embodiment of general hatred/anger/pain.
Paysage d'Hiver is very raw, with low sound quality, something that usually bothers me quite a lot, but with Paysage it really does add to the atmosphere: cold and deserted. A little slower than Darkspace and thematically predominantly about cold, loneliness, the night, as the song titles suggest (Einsamkeit; Fisterniss...; Der Kristall Ist Eis, etc.). Almost entirely without synths, another one-man project I'm quite awed by.

Something more towards original black metal is Naglfar. A band that's been around for a good 16 years now, while they do go with the times (better recordings ect.), the principle has remained mostly unchanged. Very misanthropic melodic black metal band. I'd certainly suggest them.

Gosh. There's so many more, haha. I'll post more later, but this should keep you busy for a bit ;)
I'll say...yeesh
Hehe, you're welcome? ;)

Anyhow, I suppose I'll add to my little list a bit..

Aborym - industrial black metal, a combination that is fairly uncommon, but certainly not unwelcome. Not easy to find much of, but worth the effort, I'd say. Revolves mostly around Satanism and misanthropy.

Vesania - a Polish black/blackened death metal band, often described as a sort of combination of Behemoth and Dimmu Borgir- take the symphonics and synths from Dimmu and combine them with the philosophical and musical thematics of Behemoth and you get Vesania, so is the reasoning. Although perhaps not entirely accurate, I would say it's a pretty good description.

One of my personal favourites is Ajattara; quite unlike most black metal, Ajattara have a mid-pace approach with heavy synths and guitars to set a very strong atmosphere. Combined with Ruoja's tearing, dark vocals, moulded into quite poetic lyrics, it's a force to be reckoned with and will frankly waltz right over nearly anything to stand in its way. The lyrics deal predominantly with death and evil (of man).
Remarkably, their latest album, while entirely acoustic, very well maintains the black metal atmosphere and the general evilness that Ajattara portray. All-in-all, I very strongly recommend this band.

But wait! There is more!
Although I should probably just keep it to these small, manageable chunks, unless a strong sudden interest should arise, but in all honesty, I don't see that happening very soon...

In any case, enjoy the listens.
Come to think of it, I should probably link a song for each band:
Paysage d'Hiver
Methis, thanks so much for the links and recommendations. I subscribe to so I'll look these up and download some when my subscription renews next month.

I was listening to Vesania just today! I am a huge Behemoth fan and found Vesania through Inferno.

You're quite welcome, really :) I enjoy sharing knowledge of all things, including music. I've made myself quite at home in that as well, hehe. I'm full of suggestions, although the more specific the request or musical background, the better I can provide, of course :)
Hmm, I'll bump an old topic I to this group, massive extreme metal nerd, so this is right up my alley.

Black Metal must be appreciated from the beginning with the Norwegian bands. You hit Mayhem, but absolutely need Burzum, early Emperor, early Darkthrone, and Gorgoroth. Almost every element in modern black metal comes spawns somewhere in that list. Dimmu Borgir's first two are pretty good, in my personal opinion it starts going off the rails into some kind of rock hybrid from that point forward.

Modern bands, I really like Averse Sefira. I think they took the more orthodox standard of traditional black metal, and really made some leaps in the melodic implementation and lyrical focus. Deathspell Omega made some pretty awesome sounding albums; lyrically corny which means I can't really consider it as good as it could be. If you want something really abstract and bleak, I would have to second Methis in suggesting Darkspace. They do a fantastic job of taking the "isolated in the woods" aesthetic and transferring it to an "isolated in outer space" one.

Just making my first listen to Ajattara right now....I am going to have to check out some more of this!

Just a nitpick...Immolation (one of my favorite bands) really is death metal.
Not a are correct. Should have said Immortal.

You and Methis have opened my ears to Darkspace. Your "outer space" description is spot on and I am impressed by them.

I've tried listening to Burzum but I just can't find the taste for it.

Speaking of Emperor, have you picked up Ihsahn's new album? I haven't heard the whole thing yet. What are your thoughts?

Some other new ones I recommend:

The new Troll, Abigor and Marduk (h/t Mayokitty) abums are very good.

Looking forward to new Vreid, Rotting Christ, Septicflesh, Keep of Kalessin, and of course, Dimmu Borgir this year!
I haven't gotten around to listening to all of Aealo yet, but so far it seems to be a pretty solid album if not one of Rotting Christ's strongest albums. Between the two 2010 metal albums released so far that I've listened to (the other being Sigh's Scenes from Hell) I'd easily pick Aealo as the better one even with Sigh being one of my favorite bands.

I didn't know Dimmu Borgir were releasing another album this year, that's good news.
I make black and white music videos on my YouTube channel; Here's a sample of my depressive black metal vids. Hope you like them.

i basically like all black metal but have to say my top 2 are dark funeral and belphegor (blackened death metal), there 2 really great bands. stuff like mayhem is also the way to go 2.

Pretty good, haunting anti-islam black metal:


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