Bands, genres. Name it all!

There are few metalgenres I don't enjoy that much, metalcore and pure doom would be two of those. I have outgrown most power metal and all its siblings as well as heavy metal and thrash, and goth never did that much to me.

Everything else though, I swallow whole.

My favorite bands would be Insomnium and Kamelot. For more information, check ;)

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You're never to old to love metal. :-)
I usually prefer Doom metal, specifically Funeral Doom Metal... I have almost stopped listening to music from sometime. I am just trying to stay idle and relaxed. apart from that I enjoy Drone/Doom, Drone and its sub genres in general. Post Rock, Ambient, Noise.. Shoegaze and all.
I've recently started listening to Eluveitie. They're really good, and the perfect band to listen to if you're a Renaissance Faire nerd (like me).
Hells ya, reminiscent of Finntroll. Music that makes you wanna grab a flagon of mead and a broadsword and regale your mates with a tale of that time you ransacked a village of heathens and pillaged their goats and silver, and then repeatedly slap the wooden table your all sitting at whilst laughing hardily.

. . . this concludes my Scrubs style hyperbolic daydream.
Black Sabbath
Iron Maiden
Mercyful Fate
Hate Breed
I like TotalSelfHatred (Finland) and Thy Light (Brazil.) Below is a fan vid of the song "Total Self Hatred" by TotalSelfHatred.

I was an old school metalhead from the 80's...
Slayer, Megadeth, Metallica, Death Angel, etc.....
Still love slayer, and withthe new metallica album Death Magnetic, I like my first metallica albuim since 1986! Was not a fan during the Newsted years. And one of my favorite songs by Slayer is READ BETWEEN THE LIES from the album South of Heaven. Love it.
I'm always on the lookout for some good music, although I mostly listen to Punk now.

Back in the day I listened to Metallica, Megadeth, DRI, Pantera, and a lot of lesser known bands that I would get demo tapes of at the local indy music store.
Honestly, the whole subgenera categorization game among the metal community is one of my biggest pet peeves. I've listened to, and participated in, so damn many debates about whether (insert band name) is metalcore or post-hardcore or anti-post-prenatal chicken sodomy that I was almost denied medical insurance for a preexisting brain tumor (here i take a brief comedic pause to adjust my necktie and suggest that I receive inadequate respect). So I've widdled my classifications down to a frankensteinian system of: This Good! or This Bad!

That being said, I present to you a sampling of This Good!:

Acid Bath
Bleed the Sky
In Flames
The Absence
Arch Enemy
Lamb of God (pre Sacrament days)
Cradle of Filth
Merciful Fate/King Diamond
Dog Fashion Disco
Polkadot Cadaver
God Dethroned
Lizzy Borden
Ozzy/Black Sabbath
Threat Signal
Type O Negative

. . . Just off the top of the ol' noodle.
Well including all genres I listen to:
Pink Floyd (best band ever)
U2 (still love them but their stuff such as Joshua Tree, Unforgettable Fire and Achtung Baby is much better than their more recent stuff)
Sigur Ros
Nine Inch Nails
Dream Theater
King Crimson
Emerson lake and Palmer
Porcupine Tree
Joy Division
Velvet Underground
The Who
Iron Maiden (early)
Genesis (early)
Brian Eno
The Beatles
Dillinger Escape Plan
Between the Buried and Me
Ambient music (especially Steve Roach, Steve Reich, Robert Rich etc.)
Tangerine Dream
John Cale
The Doors
Classical music (like Beethoven, Stravinsky, Chopin)
That's all I can think of at the moment!
judas priest,death,slayer,belphegor,dark funeral,ozzy osbourne,megadeth,80' metallica, anorexia nervosa, at the gates,autopsy,behexen,dark tranquility,pantera,pestilence,sepultura,solitude aeturnus, candlemass....well thats off the top of my head but i like it all thrash,black,death,doom,power.
my taste is many and varying! depending on my mood it will change but lamb of god, machinehead, metallica, slayer, megadeth, slipknot, killswitch engage, soulfly and gallows feature very prominently on my commute to work! but i still love soundgarden, alice in chains, kyuss (which I know arent metal)!!!

oh and the melvins kick ass!


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