Is there anything that you do or have a strong pet-peeve about when it comes to the environment?

I started paper recycling at the office after seeing how much wast was created. Every other Friday I drive boxes of paper over to the recycling plant on my way home.

I hate when companies use Styrofoam when there are cost effective, earth friendly alternatives.

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I'm a jerk, and I live a life of convenience... so I'm not too obsessive about it.

What does bother me is people who litter. I mean... why?

Further, I hate when there aren't actually any trash cans or people whine about you not recycling when THERE ARE NO LOCAL RECYCLING PROGRAMS *twitch*. I get bothered when something that should be simple, isn't available or easy, and you don't really have a choice. And I'm even more bothered when people blame you for it. You should be living off the land and living in a bamboo shack painted with berries and urine! Yes, because that's realistic...

My old school had a satellite for extra classrooms, and in the bathroom there were no girly-boxes for discarding tampons. Those horrible, horrible bastards. There wasn't even a dispenser. What am I suppose to DO with all that fluid? I know, I'll write a nice little note. On the walls. With the blood. ...I think I'm getting off-subject.
I forgot about drinking water! I get it, bottles and bottles-- it's pretty stupid, so much plastic.... But I have to buy water (in gallons, relax) because the water here tastes like old people marinating in a chlorine pool!! The filter helps a little but I find myself not drinking if that's the only option.

I need good water, because I'm a snob. Where I was raised-- the best water IN AMERICA. Not officially, but I live like an hour from where the best tap-water IS, and I think mine is better. So there.
Canning and preserving my own food bought fresh from local producers. It's really not that difficult, and the taste of fresh summer vegetables in mid-February is fantastic. And, you can be as creative as you want in terms of making what you like. Kind of like a blank canvass where food is the theme and spices, herbs and combinations of vegetables and fruit are the paint. Besides, it's an outlet for me since I can't draw worth a shit!
I'd like to try canning although I'm a little scared I'll give someone food poisoning.
Is there anything that you do or have a strong pet-peeve about when it comes to the environment?

Well, litter and pollution in particular. I pick up trash on my street twice a day every day. As far as what I do: quite a lot actually. Though I don't suppose any of it will make a huge difference in the long run. See my discussion for more input from people.
Dogs are my passion - if you do not like dogs - I do not like you (except for my best friend). She is an anomoly in my life lol. She HATES dogs but she gets a pass because she is the only close friend I have who is an atheist. I think she gives me a pass for the same reason lol. You got to focus on what you have in common.

I suppose dogs are not very green - I haven't really given it a lot of thought but oh my Gawd - don't you see how cute, adorable, funny, loving, loyal, wise, fascinating, and WONDERUFL many of them are? I shudder to think what my life would be like without dogs.

I walk my neighbors dogs every day. I can't afford to have my own. If I could afford it - I would definitely have a few.

I have done volunteer work in animal shelters for years. I have seen so much suffering that just now the thought struck me that I would rather the dogs to disappear from the earth than to have to wintess one more abused dog. That would be a better reason do do away with dogs than being green in my humble opinion.
I hate throwing cigarette butts on the ground. I always tear them apart.

My biggest pet peeve is that some people actually have a problem with clotheslines. I'm a huge supporter of hanging your laundry outside. It saves a ton of money and energy and I've heard it's less harsh on clothes. It just doesn't make sense to me that people would bother putting their clothes in a hot dryer (and crank up the A/C to counteract the heat in the rest of the house) when it's 100 degrees out. I'm planning to try hanging it outside in the winter too. The fact that some people actually find this offensive and outlaw it is what makes me think humanity is too stupid to survive. Hmm, which is worse, global warming or the possibility of seeing a neighbor's underwear?


My spouse and I live with a parent. Studies have shown that people all living in separate apartments with separate utilities takes up more resources than people living in a group (disclaimer: I'm not saying you should live with people you hate). So there all you hipster environmentalists who look down on people for living with a parent. That's my other pet peeve.


I grew up with recycling and compost and I just don't feel right if I throw things in the trash that can be recycled or composted. I started a compost bin at my new house and recycling. I take recyclable trash from my client's house to recycle b/c she doesn't have recycling where she is.


Bring my own bag (and also my own chopsticks) although I'm not sure how environmental it really is b/c when I get shopping bags I reuse them.


I get most of my things secondhand, and give away things on freecycle.


I was using a push-mower and liked it a lot, unfortunately I have a massive yard now and it kind of died. I'm hoping to do away with as much lawn as possible.


I can't really not drive but I have been walking and biking a lot more and have cut back on driving. I go places on the way to other places, and won't go somewhere until I have several other nearby places to go.


I won't have children.



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