Is there anything that you do or have a strong pet-peeve about when it comes to the environment?

I started paper recycling at the office after seeing how much wast was created. Every other Friday I drive boxes of paper over to the recycling plant on my way home.

I hate when companies use Styrofoam when there are cost effective, earth friendly alternatives.

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Cloths, not paper towels, carry my personal coffee cup, use both sides of printer paper...........
You don't get hugs often enough do you?
That's why it's better to just make your friend wear a dog suit. Though it's slightly more awkward when they decide to make doogy at the park, and proceed to hump your neighbors leg.
Of course YOU have more right to life than anything else, pets, or otherwise, who unfortunately kill each other because that's nature & the food chain etc.!!! And of course YOU never have waste to leave around because your life is more perfect!!! The animal world has been around a lot longer than us, & I, for one, think nobody is as idiotic as humans are & we never seem to adapt to anything but our own selfish lifestyles!!!
Life has been around a lot longer than your piece of paper saying you have rights, & not everyone is american.
I like my pets better than I like most people.
Would you have everyone get rid of their pets?....& where would they go, or would you just kill them all?
Mine are spayed & neutered, & I do not breed them. We give a home to the ones who exist already, & they are both in the house, not outside.

I wouldn't be annoyed at pet owners who adopt stray animals that need a home. Ones that don't get pets fixed, or purchase from a breeder or mill, that is different.


Animal overpopulation and environmental harm is no different from human. I don't see how you can say pets (which humans perpetuated) are bad for being overpopulated and polluting, when they are but one aspect of humans' harm to the environment.

We got our dog from a no kill shelter, he was a stray. I friggin' hate breeders.
Hmm let's see here.

Kitties = Cute
Environment = Lame

Gee. Which will I pick...
Use everything until it breaks. Then fix it. Broken beyond repair? Sell for scrap/find a new use for it.



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