Truth: I do sort of hate the God presented by the Abrahamic religions. How could you not? I think the key for those of us who realize he just doesn't exist is to take that realization to heart and stop blaming things on this nonexistent being, and it's not that easy.

I think theists hurl this accusation because deep down they realize that hate is the natural emotion to feel toward their imaginary God, if he is assumed to be real. Deep down they hate him too, but they are afraid to admit it, so they attribute the emotion to others. Atheists are naturally somewhat ashamed to admit to this thoroughly healthy revulsion toward Old Nobodaddy, because they feel that by doing so they are admitting that their atheism is emotionally driven. Perhaps so, but these are honest, healthy emotions. Let's own them.


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I'm pretty outspoken about my lack of belief in god(s). I've recently found, much to my pleasant surprise, that others I know and associate with are starting to come out of the closet also and express their disbelief also. I would go a little further than booklover.  I don't respect any religions.  However, I try not to show disrespect toward any individual members of a religion.  Unless of course they do that to me based upon my lack of beliefs.  Then, all bets are off.

We seem to be on the same page Pat.  I agree with you.  I do wish more people I know would come out with their disbelief though.  Seems like I meet people and then they say something religious (ASSuming that I agree with them), and there it goes!  I don't want to further the friendship at all.  Just don't have the tolerance anymore.

Since I don't believe god exists hating him is like hating Santa Clause however I do hate religion because it promotes fear, ignorance, bigotry, misogyny, rape, murder and hatred all in the name of the religion's god.

I can't hate a nonexistent thing.

 I do'nt hate God (I have never believed in him) however, I hate the undue influence that belief in him generates via the unearned deference and respect afforded to belief in the Abrahamic God.So we can question someones political beliefs, their artistic preferences,even (to some extent) their choice of partner, but question their belief in God and you should be prepared for a torrent of "how dare you's" all of which is supported in public discourse because of the unearned respect and deference,mentioned above.

 Therefore, I have to accept that  to some extent my unbelief is underpinned by an emotional aversion to all of the above and there is nothing wrong with that. It brings a passion to my rationalism which may not otherwise be there and which drives my Atheistic opposition to all things religious.

I once told a believer who asked if I hated god, that I no more hate god than he hates the night manager of the Chuck E. Cheese on the planet Neptune. He looked somewhat taken aback, and told me there is no such thing as a night manager of Chuck E. Cheese on Neptune. My response. Bingo!

hee hee  :)

Oh nice one !!!! I intend to steal this and not mention you at all, sorry

I don't hate leprechauns, yeti, care bears, superman, unicorns (certainly not the contemporary definition :D), ghosts or even underpants gnomes. I do hate trolls though.

Why would I hate "God"? To be emotionally entangled with something that one has acknowledged doesn't exist would require insanity.

And I'm a former christian, so I should at least be pissed about the wasted time. But there isn't anyone to be pissed at and it would be a waste of more precious time. Its not like I have eternity.

To hate you feel intense dislike or strong aversion.

You 'sort of hate' the god presented by the Abrahamic religions.

No-one has ever called me a god hater. Has anyone actually said 'You're just a god hater!' to you ?

If so, you should threaten to kill them. If they say 'that's against gods law' tell them you are an Atheist and have no fear of eternal punishment. If they say 'You'll never get away with it', tell them you've got a good lawyer.

I am a lawyer. And for a nominal retainer paid up front before your burial, I'll be glad to represent you when you get in front of YHWH, Allah, Jesus, Vishnu, Shiva, Quetzalcoatl, Chango, Baal, Marduke, Osiris, Zeus, Thor, Odin, or the god of your choice. Don't let the fear of needing asbestos underwear at your funeral trouble you anymore. Call now for a free consultation.

Note: This offer void in Delaware, New Jersey, the Ross Ice Shelf, and Rapa Nui. Certain restrictions may apply. Please see fine print for details.


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