Truth: I do sort of hate the God presented by the Abrahamic religions. How could you not? I think the key for those of us who realize he just doesn't exist is to take that realization to heart and stop blaming things on this nonexistent being, and it's not that easy.

I think theists hurl this accusation because deep down they realize that hate is the natural emotion to feel toward their imaginary God, if he is assumed to be real. Deep down they hate him too, but they are afraid to admit it, so they attribute the emotion to others. Atheists are naturally somewhat ashamed to admit to this thoroughly healthy revulsion toward Old Nobodaddy, because they feel that by doing so they are admitting that their atheism is emotionally driven. Perhaps so, but these are honest, healthy emotions. Let's own them.


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God does not exist, so I can't hate him. I do hate the idea of people worshiping a deity of such unbridled cruelty.

“Belief in a Cruel God makes a Cruel Man” Thomas Paine

I hate Jesus for the same reason I hate Aquaman.  Aquaman was the crappiest Superhero ever.  Being able to telepathically talk to fish really wouldn't help much in any situation.  In addition, other than the Gulf Oil spill nothing happens underwater.  Even with the oil spill, what would a school of hypnotized tuna be able to do?  Like Aquaman, Jesus is a really crappy god.  His big tricks included walking on water and turning water into wine (OK, I could use that superpower) but then he gets his ass kicked and nailed to across then dies.  He's back after three days then pussies out and heads to some Destination Resort in the sky never to be seen again, except in toast or a tortilla now and again.  The Greeks and Norse had some great kick ass gods.  Even the Hindus have some multi-armed monsters with swords.  At least that's cool.       

ha ha that's funny.  Yep, Aquaman was always the loser superhero.  In the bible the stories of Jebus also say he did some shit things like telling people to leave their families and follow him and killing a tree because it didn't give him fruit even though it wasn't the right season.  I wouldn't harm a tree for anything, and I'm not the one who decided in which season it was supposed to bear fruit! lol


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